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Monday, August 21, 2023

Podcast 19

Well here we go again. If you haven't noticed I have been on a few podcasts. I had been on a break, which I'm sure most of you have been happy about. Then Donovan aka. Monster asked me to do a show with him. We have three in the can but this is the first one to go live. 

You can expect a healthy dose of movie chat. There will be one featured movie that will get a bit of a deeper dive and a lot of other cinematic ramblings. And be warned I do ramble quite a bit. If this sounds like something you might dig click the link below to check out the Spotify page for it. I know that we also hope to have a YouTube option as well as iTunes. Remember though you get what you pay for and this shit is free! 

edit 9/5/23: The show is now officially available on Apple Podcasts. See the link below. 

edit 11/7/23: It appears that Apple Podcasts is having an issue. Only the first two episodes are available there. Luckily the Spotify link is up to date. 

Spotify Link

Apple Podcasts Link

Episode Guide

Episode 1: Evil Dead Rise (2023)

John and Donovan talk about this latest attempt to breath some life into the Deadites. Does it work? Does John yell at the folks to get off his lawn? Who knows what shenanigans the boys get up to in this inaugural episode. Well I do... but I'm not telling!

Episode 2: The Pope's Exorcist (2023)

This time around the boys talk about the latest Russel Crowe jam as well as some of their favorite movies. Is it possible that John has found two new horror movies that he actually likes? If so is the Devil ice skating? And if he is ice skating will Crowe show up to kick him out of the rink? So many questions...

Episode 3: Pee Wee's Big Adventure (1985)

With the passing of Paul Reubens as well as our intention to talk all movies and not just horror we thought it might be nice to chat about this iconic comedy. Personally it has been a while since I've reviewed a comedy and I was already looking for an excuse to watch this flick again. 

Episode 4: Sorcerer (1977)

With the passing of director William Friedkin we thought it would be fun to check out one of his lesser known flicks. Well at least I hadn't seen it before, I think that Donovan was already a fan. There was also some fun talk about an old film noir flick I found called Kansas City Confidential. 

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