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Monday, August 13, 2018

Attack of the Killer Donuts (2017)

One day I’m hanging out on the internet minding my own business when Tim Gross from Gross Movie reviews mentions a movie called Attack of the Killer Donuts. I did a mental double take and immediately thought to myself ‘now there is a movie that I need to see’. Then I found out that C. Thomas “Soul Man” Howell starred in it. There are some movies that just scream out to be seen and this was one of them!

Our main character, Johnny, is getting up for his job at the Donut store. He gets breakfast, fixed by his strangely attractive mother, and gets yelled at for not mowing the yard. Then it is off to make the donuts… do any of you even get that reference? He gets to work and meets up with his best friend, Michelle, who also works at the shop. They make donuts and we get to meet some of the other characters including Johnny’s “girlfriend” Veronica who uses him for money. And let us not forget the cops Rogers (C. Thomas Howell) and Hammerstein.

Once the characters are in place we watch as Johnny’s crazy uncle Luther shows up and gets into a fight with the owner of the Donut shop. While struggling a bit of his experimental reanimation goop ends up in the fryer. From that point on all the donuts that are made become homicidal flesh-eating monsters that go on a killing spree. Eventually it comes down to Johnny and his crew to stop the monstrous donuts from taking over the town and maybe the world! Oh, and he totally needs to dump Veronica and hook up with Michelle.

I loved this movie. It is just a silly good time and is not to be taken seriously. With the title Attack of the Killer Donuts I’m hoping that was obvious from the start. The cast is having a good time in their roles and the performances are decent. C. Thomas Howell embraces the silly as he plays his role over the top and is fun to watch chewing thru the scenery. I also thought that Michael Swan was great as Uncle Luthor. I knew that I recognized him, but it wasn’t until writing this review that I realized where from. He has done a ton of work including appearing in a Friday the 13th flick.

The script is absurd, hilarious, and filled with a lot of great lines. You really have to watch the movie to catch them all. One of my favorites was when Michell utters the line, “Do you smell Patchouli?” right before a stoner walks into the shop. We also get a funny Star Wars gag and a spoof the famous shower scene in Psycho. These filmmakers certainly took their time on writing a script that is chocked full of humor.

There aren’t any scares here and the gore is all CGI. But it isn’t bad CGI like I’ve seen in recent movies (I’m talking to you Cute Little Buggers!). Most of the time the donuts are digital, but I did get a kick out of them throwing actual rubber pastries around the set now and then. They bounce around “chasing” their victims before latching onto them and I guess eating their flesh? Does it really matter? I don’t care how you get the killer donuts to the screen just get them there!

This is a great movie that I recommend everyone track down and check out. I’ve been on a heck of a run with independent movies lately. It has given me hope that horror and horror comedies aren’t dead, they just don’t come from Hollywood anymore. Long live the independent filmmakers!

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