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Monday, June 10, 2019

Dude Bro Party Massacre III (2017)

The Slasher movie marathon summer continues with this newer entry into the genre. Last summer I checked out some flicks that were inspired by the heyday of the craze during the eighties. This is another of those attempts to recapture or in this case poke a little bit of fun at it. Does it work? Well I’m not sure yet but Andrew W.K., Patton Oswalt, Nina Hartley, and Larry King have cameos, so I’ve got to watch it!

This is part three, so we get some flashbacks as one of the survivors of the previous massacres, Brock, explaining to his unseen therapist about all the horrible things he has seen. We are treated to a bunch of kills that are creative and funny. Then Brock is killed by his therapist who we are lead to believe is the killer Motherface. His twin brother Brent shows up to investigate and joins the same fraternity becoming a Bro to his brothers’ brothers… Yeah that gets confusing. Basically, he is convinced he can find the killer and get revenge.

They all head off to an isolated house where Motherface is coming to kill them. But they have to get their party on first. Both the beer and blood flow freely. There are also a couple of subplots that come into play with a revenge plot by some Satanists helping Motherface get power by killing all the Bros. We also see the tragic backstory of the local paddle boat rental business owner whom was a victim of a prank. A bunch of stuff happens, bodies pile up, and Brock finally gets the revenge he was looking for. There is also a bag of oranges.

This is an entertaining and silly movie. It hammers away at most of the tropes of the Slasher genre in a friendly way. You get the killer family as the mantle of Motherface is passed down thru the generations. We also get to see that our victims pulled some pranks, here over the top, that might be the reason they are targeted. You have bad dreams and even some ghosts. I’ve seen all of this stuff in Slasher movies in the past. This has a distinct throw it all at the wall and see what is funny vibe. That doesn’t always work, but here enough hits the mark to make it enjoyable Plus it seems like whoever made this movie clearly is a fan of the genre and is having a good time laughing with the audience and not at it.

I like cleavage with my kills
The gore is plentiful and while not amazing it has a fun tone that fits the rest of the story. There are seventeen kills in the flashbacks to part I and part II. Don’t go looking for them because they don’t’ exist. All this footage was shot for Dude Bro Party Massacre III. The rest of the movie contains an addition sixteen kills! There are a lot of creative deaths including a bit with remote control and death by Puppy dick… Yeah that last one is a bit weird. I was both amused and satisfied by the amount of gore on screen. 

This is a strange movie that I enjoyed quite a bit. This is a loving throwback that pokes fun at while waxing nostalgic towards the Slasher genre. Normally I cringe at this but somehow it just works here and is a fun way to spend a couple of hours. Consider this movie recommended.  

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