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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Bad CGI Sharks (2019)

Some titles just grab your attention and don’t let go. Bad CGI Sharks is one of those that once I saw it pop up online, I knew that I was going to have to watch the movie. I figured it would be a terrible killer shark flick that would try to play the formula for laughs and would be disappointing. Imagine my surprise when that isn’t what I got at all.

This is the story of two brothers. Matthew is the youngest and most responsible one. He has a job or at least does when the movie starts. His older brother, Jason, is a crazy man child that is still holding onto their boyhood dreams of making an epic shark movie. When their father gets fed up with Jason, he ships him out west to go live with his brother Matthew. The brother’s reunion is complicated by the fact that a magician named Bernardo has decided to let them live in their shark movie. Something about a muse and his scene clapper allows this to happen. Before you know it, the boys are being chased by a CGI shark that floats around in the air angry that her “people” are being used as villains in the movies.

I realize my plot synopsis is weird but then so is this movie and I love it. I thought for sure we were just going to end up with a movie about badly rendered digital sharks eating up an attractive cast while winking at the audience that it knows it is shitty. What we have here is instead is an interesting story of two brothers reconnecting during a wacky adventure while being menaced by some bad CGI Sharks flying around in pursuit. I never saw that coming and it makes for a fun time. The addition of the character of Bernardo and his breaking of the fourth wall to speak directly to the audience adds an element of whimsy to the proceedings that was a lot of fun and shows how creative and well developed the script was. I’m an old guy who has spent most of his life obsessed with movies so when you can show me something I’ve not seen before I take notice.

Bad CGI Sharks... promised and delivered!
The cast is great, especially real-life brothers Matthew and Jason who play… Matthew and Jason. They have great chemistry onscreen and perfect timing. This is a funny movie filled with great jokes that need to be delivered correctly for it to work. Both guys nail it with perfectly. Matteo Molinari also is equally good as Bernardo winking at the audience as he delivers lines directly towards us. Toss in some funny sight gags like the classic bit with struggling to climb a wall as another character walks a couple of feet to the left and goes thru the opening and you end up with a genuinely entertaining flick.

I could go on, but it should be obvious now that I enjoyed the heck out of Bad CGI Sharks. I went in expecting a bad monster movie and ended up with a well-executed comedy. The fact that the filmmakers were able to pull this off with a budget that was reportedly around six thousand bucks amazes me. Do yourself a favor and track down a copy of Bad CGI Sharks. Not only will you have fun with the movie, but these guys deserve our support. I highly recommend this and consider it to be one of the best independent movies that I’ve seen in years.

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