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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Night of the Demons 2 (1994)

So I already covered Night of the Demons for this marathon (linked here) and thought that I’d might as well take a look at the first sequel too. I can’t believe it took them six years to make another Night of the Demons movie. Was it worth the wait?

Another batch of students decide to visit Hull House for a Halloween party. The ringleader is bad girl named Shirley and she manages to trick another girl named Melissa to come with them. Melissa is Angela’s sister, which of course is bad news. The kids arrive and party some before Angela starts to mess with them. Before the scares go too far and before they know anyone has died the kids take off. Wait a minute a horror movie where the kids get freaked out and leave… finally!

Sadly, they take something with them that allows Angela to follow them. This means she shows up on campus and the killings kick into full gear! What is her plan you might ask? She wants and gets Melissa to return to Hull House so that they can do some ritual. Her friends, the priest, and nun head off in pursuit. I forgot to mention it is a Catholic school for troubled kids which is why they have a priest and nun on campus. Father Bob thinks it is all nonsense, Sister Gloria knows what is up and is ready to throw down with some demons. Much mayhem and gore happen before things are resolved and the credits roll.

This is how you do a sequel. They have the character of Angela, played again by Amelia Kinkade, to connect this to the first movie. But instead of just rehashing the same plot as the first one they throw some twists in. For example, the entire movie doesn’t take place at the house which allows for a nice break in the middle of the action. The introduction of Sister Gloria was also a cool add as it allows them to expand the universe and have a new character that can go toe to toe with the Demons. They also develop the Angela character from just the monster to a monster that wants to kill her sister… Okay still a monster but it was different!

Angela is back for more fun!
What didn’t change from the first movie was the gore. There are a respectable seven kills and most of them are stacked up at towards the end. There are a couple of missionaries who stop by Hull House in the first scene. They are killed offscreen which is disappointing. That said we do get some lipstick fun, a head gets lopped off, a good stabbing, and the nerd who has all the answers meets his end as well. Toss in some fun melting demons and a weird basketball game for even more fun. The creature designs are decent with the demons looking cool including a fun bit with one that loses their head. We also get a very nifty final showdown when Angela goes all snake monster on them. While not as crazy and gory as the original all in all, I have no complaints.

This is a pretty good sequel that I have always enjoyed. Good characters, a memorable villain, decent pacing, and more than a few very funny lines makes Night of the Demons 2 worth a look. I have a beat-up old DVD that appears to be a VHS rip that I really need to upgrade before next October. Consider this a recommendation.

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