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Friday, April 14, 2017


This being my first post on this blog I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is John and I'm a huge movie nerd. Mostly horror movies, but I'll watch most anything. I've spent the last twenty years writing about movies and interviewing some of the talented people that made them. Mostly on websites like Bloodtypeonline.com and Screamzine.us. Heck I even ran my own website, Gutmunchers.com, for a few years.
In the end it all became far too much work and dealing with internet trolls was a hassle. So I stopped the web stuff and semi "retired" from the hobby. I do still write for a biannual magazine called Grindhouse Purgatory which you can get from Amazon.com (cheap plug!). But the internet was/is dead to me.
So why the Blog? Occasionally I still get the itch to write a review or rant about something that annoys me. I figure that a Blog is the perfect solution. I don't have any deadlines or people counting on me. When writing for other sites I always felt some pressure to make sure I had an article or review ready to go for them. And running my own site was even worse because I got screeners constantly and I didn't want to disappoint or let them down by not covering what was sent. A crappy little blog that no one will likely ever read and that comes with no deadlines or pressure seems like a great way to go. 
So here we are. Well I suppose we might be a stretch. But if you are reading this then I hope you enjoy it. I can assure you that I've had fun watching movies, reviewing, and ranting about them. 


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