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Friday, October 6, 2017

Ghoulies IV (1994)

Well this is the end of my first franchise review as I get to Ghoulies IV. This is the final Ghoulies movie, at least so far. We can always keep hope alive for another sequel. This is also the first time that John Carl Buechler wasn’t involved in the making of a Ghoulies movie. Which probably explains my biggest disappointment with this movie. But more on that later.

This one starts off with a random blonde in leather killing some security guards in a warehouse before stealing a gem. She starts some ritual with it and summons an evil entity that she calls Faust. But she screws it up and has to find the only other gem that can complete the ceremony and bring her master to our world. Unfortunately, that gem is worn by our hero, the returning character from the first movie, Jonathon Graves, who is now a hardened cop. Before things get supernatural we see Jonathon being all bad ass stopping a robbery while spouting one liners. We also get to meet his ex-girlfriend who just happens to be his commanding officer. They get sucked in as the woman, another ex-girlfriend, tracks Jonathon down to steal the gem. Things get crazy when the climactic final confrontation happens at a mental institution. Hah see what I did there?

Before you roll your eyes at my bad joke realize that it fits with this review. There are silly lines stuck all throughout this one. That is part of the charm of this entry in that it has some funny moments. This is not surprising since this is what the director, Jim Wynorski does best. There are some silly characters and amusing dialogue spread out so that there is always something to engage the viewer, even if you are groaning at a bad pun. Personally, I like them and don’t feel like I’m being… punished. Hah did it again! Randomly in the middle we also get a Honeymooners bit with a couple familiar faces wandering in the sewers where they meet a sad end with our leather clad lady. Heck we even get a used condom thrown on one of the actresses! It is that kind of movie and I like it.

Director Jim Wynorski certainly has an eye for talent
I do have one huge problem with Ghoulies IV. If you notice my recap doesn’t mention Ghoulies at all. That is because much like the first movie they are relegated to second banana with the human cast commanding most of the screen time. Is it so wrong that when I sit down to watch a Ghoulies movie I want a lot of Ghoulies? I mean the movie has their name in the title for crying out loud! When we do see them gone are the puppets, replaced by little people in makeup. That is seriously disappointing and an unwelcome change to the franchise. Though they do keep one thing from part III and that is the Ghoulies talking. They have some of the best lines in the movie in their limited screen time and make with some slapstick as well.

This is my least favorite entry into the franchise. But in spite of the issues I still like it. There are some genuine laughs and it is entertaining. I suppose being the “worst” in a great series like the Ghoulies still means it is a pretty good movie. 

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