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Friday, November 1, 2019

October 2019 Movie Marathon

My tradition every year is to watch at least one horror flick every day in October. Halloween is a very big deal to me and this is something that I look forward to. Each day I'll update this list with the previous night's flicks. I'll also keep my normal posting schedule of reviews and events that I attend. October is a really busy month for me.

Content wise you can expect that there will be a few new movies mixed in, but most of these are my old favorites. I have a lot of them so every year I miss a few. This year will be the one where I finally don't... okay I'm totally going to wake up on November 1st and smack my forehead Homer Simpson style and yell "D'oh". But then that is part of the fun and it gives me a perfect excuse to keep on watching Horror right up thru Thanksgiving. Though I don't need an excuse.

I hope you guys get a kick out of my list and please email me or get in touch with me on Facebook to share what you are watching. I always find that to be fun and it normally gives me a few ideas for additions to mine.

October 1st 

Movie 1: The Thing from Another World (1951) - I've loved this movie since I was a kid. It is a must watch for me every October. I remember watching it on my local late night hosted horror movie show. As much as I love Carpenter's remake this one has always held a special place in my heart.

Movie 2: Fright Night (1985) - Best vampire movie ever? Possibly so. Though I'm not sure if I'd love the movie as much if Roddy McDowell didn't star as Peter Vincent. He was awesome in everything that he was in. This is another must watch each October. My lovely wife was willing to watch a monster movie with me so this fell a bit earlier than it normally does.

October 2nd 

Movie 3: Evil Dead II (1987) - This won't be the only time we see a movie from the Evil Dead franchise in my marathon. I should get to all three before the month is out. This one is the perfect blend of horror and comedy. Might be my favorite of the series, though that keeps changing based on the last one that I've watched!

Movie 4: The Black Cat (1941) - This is one of the lesser known Universal Horror flicks. Bela Lugosi, Basil Rathbone, Broderick Crawford, and a very young Alan Ladd. Combination of old dark house flick and comedy makes for a fun way to spend an hour or so.

October 3rd

Movie 5: Martin (1977) - George Romero is my all time favorite filmmaker and I'm a fan of most everything that the man made.  But for the life of me I just don't understand the love for this movie. It has always felt too "artsy" and experimental for my tastes. That said I give the movie a chance every few years. With the big reunion show at Cinema Wasteland this weekend I thought it was time to check it out again. Maybe this time I will figure it out.

October 4th

I actually didn't get to watch anything on Friday. Between unexpected auto repairs and going to Cinema Wasteland there was no time. I'll have to make up for it later.

October 5th 

Movie 6: Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (1956) - This is one of those movies that I watched all the time growing up. The special effects by Ray Harryhausen are still a lot of fun with Saucers menacing and eventually crashing into all sorts of recognizable landmarks. As an added bonus I got to watch it on 16mm film at Cinema Wasteland.

October 6th 

Movie 7: Skeletons in the Closet (2018) - This is my first new to me movie in the marathon. It is an anthology from independent filmmakers and is a lot of fun. The stories are woven together much more than I expected and the quality of the filmmaking and effects work are top notch. I'll be doing a much deeper dive for Crappy Movie Reviews soon.

Movie 8: The Unnamable (1988) - This was a frequent video store rental back in the day. I have had copies on VHS and have seen it on streaming services a couple of times. This is the first time that I'm checking out the BluRay from Unearthed Classics. It looks better than I've seen it before but not much. Still I love the movie and am glad to have a nice copy of it in my collection.

Movie 9: Eight Legged Freaks (2002) -  I saw this when it first hit the theaters and loved it. A totally cheesy take on the monster movie that brought some scares and a lot of laughs. The CGI doesn't hold up well today, but Kari Wuhrer does! It is a must watch in October.

October 7th

Movie 10: The Furies (2018) - I caught this on Shudder. It is a new movie from Australia. A gory and bloody update of The Most Dangerous Game it is a blast. GIrls are kidnapped and hunted for the amusement of rich guys. Heads are split, arms ripped off, and violence is done to eyes! So far I'm a perfect two for two on new movies.

October 8th

Movie 11: Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things (1972) - This is an old favorite of mine. One of my best movie memories is watching this at midnight in a theater filled with other fans. It was an old beat up 16mm print and it was an awesome night. If you haven't ever watched this gem from director Bob Clark let me recommend it to you.

Movie 12: Zombie (1979) - October can't happen without some Fulci goodness. This is his zombie masterpiece second only to Romero's original trilogy in my heart. The NYC opening and the shark vs. zombie are just a couple of highlights. A must watch to get me in the Halloween spirit.

October 9th

Movie 13: Hellraiser III Hell on Earth (1992) - I've never been a fan of this franchise. I can't remember much about them beyond part II. I know that I've seen this one years ago when it was on Showtime. I figured it was about time to revisit them and see if I might like them. Plus I ended up with the Blu-Ray box set of the first three from Arrow. I honestly don't remember where it came from. I might have a movie problem...

October 10th

Movie 14: Demons 2 (1986) - I guess I have a theme this year. Here I am watching another movie that I've never been a fan of. I dig the first Demons flick, but this one has always seemed inferior. But I"m a huge fan of Lamberto Bava and Dario Argento so I need to give it another look.

October 11th

Movie 15: Tremors (1990) - I was lucky enough to catch this in the theater when it was first released. It has been a favorite of mine ever since. While it spawned many sequels and continues to do so this is still the best by far. The practical effects work is top notch and the cast is fun, especially Michael Gross as Burt Gummer. Can't have October without Graboids!

October 12th

Movie 16: Little Monsters (2019) - Been wanting to check this out since the trailer dropped earlier this year. Zombies attack a petting zoo! It looks interesting and sort of fun. I'm always looking for a new zombie movie to add to the rotation, especially a funny one. I've been having good luck with new movies so hopefully this is another.

Movie 17: Grabbers (2012) - I watched this one a few years ago and remember really digging it. I've been in the mood for some more monster movies so an alien sea monsters crawling from the ocean to terrorize an island off the coast of Ireland seems like the perfect fit.

Movie 18: Night of the Demons 2 (1994) - Unlike the other sequel about demons that I watched recently I've always enjoyed this movie. While not as fun as the original this one kicks much butt. Directed by the underrated Brian Trenchard-Smith I have watched this in a while so it was time to take another look.

October 13th

Movie 19: Big Ass Spider (2013) - I'm still in the mood for monster movies so I thought I'd dust off my DVD of this gem that came out a few years ago. Silly and fun flick about Big Ass Spiders. It delivers on the title so what else can you ask for?

October 14th

Movie 20: The Fog (1980) - You can't have spooky October fun without some John Carpenter movies. I thought I start tonight off with one of my favorites from the master. The Fog is one of the creepiest and well made ghost stories ever. Does anything scream out Halloween like ghost pirates? I think not.

Movie 21: The 7th Victim (1943) - This is one of the lesser known Val Lewton movies from RKO. I've always loved the story of the young woman looking for her sister only to find that she has gotten mixed up with Satanists. This is a true classic.

October 15th

Movie 22: Prophecy (1979) - Still jonesing for some monster movies and I thought a killer mutant bear would be perfect. No better way to scratch that itch than with Prophecy! This is back when studios actually put some effort into their horror movies. Of course Jaws being a huge hit didn't hurt.

Movie 23: The Deadly Mantis (1957) - Okay I think this might be my last monster movie for a couple days. Thought I'd watch one of my favorite giant bug movies of all time. I have a wonderful memory of staying up late with my Dad watching this when it was hosted by our local horror host. So this is a special one for me.

October 16th

Movie 24: The Legend of Hell House (1973) - For me it isn't Halloween season until there is a haunted house flick. This is one of the best and stars one of my favorite actors, Roddy McDowall. That man can pull off a turtleneck sweater like no one else!

October 17th

Movie 25: Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) - This is a Halloween tradition for me. I've got a funny history with the movie that I've told more than once. If you are interested track down a copy of Midnight Magazine or email me and I'll explain. This year I managed to rope my lovely wife into watching it with me. Though now I believe she thinks I'm a weirdo.

October 18th

No movies today. Tomorrow is 12 Hours of Terror so I should more than make up for it!

October 19th

The next few entries cover the movies that I caught at this years 12 Hours of Terror. It is an annual event where they show 7 horror movies in a row. It normally starts at 8 p.m. and runs until the sun comes up the next morning. I never get all the way thru but this year I did decent.

Movie 26: Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) – This was the first movie that I watched at 12 hours of terror. Not a huge fan but it does play much better with an audience. All the jokes played well to the audience thirty-five years later. I actually realized it is funnier than I ever imagined.

Movie 27: Scream (1996) – This was a good choice to show right after Nightmare. Wes Craven made fun of his other movies and generally poked fun at the genre. Having just watched Nightmare on Elm Street the jokes here seemed fresh. This also played really well to the audience. The guy could make entertaining movies.

Movie 28: Girl on the Third Floor (2019) – This was the first of the two mystery movies this year. I had heard the buzz for this one on the internet and it was all good. I have to say this was a decently scary haunted house flick that relies more on the story and tension than it does on jump scares. I really liked it. I was also shocked at how good C.M. Punk was. He has to carry a big chunk of the movie and does so.

October 20th

More fun with 12 Hours of Terror. The clock struck twelve and the movies kept coming.

Movie 29: Bloody Birthday (1981) – Killer Kid movies are a thing that I’m occasionally in the mood for. Really funny bits and the performances from the child actors are perfect for a movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Movie 30: Parasite 3D (1982) – Okay so I’ve never been a fan of this movie. The story is very slow and doesn’t make much sense. I hadn’t seen it in 3D for many years and had forgotten how great the effects work. Still it was hard to stay awake for this one.

Movie 31: Dead Alive (1993) – I love this movie. The gore is over the top, the action is manic, and the actors chew up the scenery. Seeing this in a theater with an audience with so many people having their first watch was killer. They had no idea what was coming so I got to watch them respond and react to it. It was a great time.

That was it for the 12 Hours of Terror event. Don't work after I got back and slept a few hours the movie goodness kept rolling right along. 

Movie 32: Candy Corn (2019) - This is a new movie that one of my co-hosts at the Bloodbaths and Boomsticks podcast picked for the show. A new horror movie that plays like a slasher flick. A mentally disabled man is killed in a prank gone wrong and is brought back to get some revenge. 

Movie 33: Last Ones Out (2015) - South African zombie flick. Dude wakes up after surgery only to find that his appendix didn't get taken out. The world is in chaos as a zombie outbreak is kicking off. I do love these movies showing the start of things falling apart.  

Movie 34: The Thing (1982) - Well I only have eleven days left to watch the best that horror has to offer. So I need to kick it up a notch. This classic from John Carpenter is a perfect way to start. I love this movie! Awesome creature effects, spooky location, and Kurt Russell's amazing mullet!

October 21st

Movie 35: Night of the Living Dead (1990) - As a rule I'm not a fan of remakes but this one is so damn good. Romero was involved in the new script and Tom Savini was the right guy to direct. The story is just different enough to be interesting without tossing away what made the original so great. This is a must watch every October. 

Movie 36: Planet Terror (2007) - I can't believe that this movie is already twelve years old! There is a bit too much CGI and all the annoying attempts to make the movie look rough are annoying. But the damn thing is way too much fun to ignore. Gore, great lines, and a cool cast. It has been a while since I check out Planet Terror. 

October 22nd

Movie 37: Zombieland (2009) - I know some genre fans object to a movie poking fun at our shuffling corpses and the tropes that go along with them. Honestly though zombies have gone mainstream and were about due this sort of skewering. I also wanted to watch this because I'm planning on seeing the sequel this weekend. It has been a while since I checked this out. 

October 23rd

Movie 38: Alien (1979) - This is a real classic of the sci-fi genre. Lots of scares, creepy setting, and a monster that is as iconic as they get. I've always debated if this belongs in my October marathon. Is this horror as well as sci-fi? This year I finally decided that any movie with this many scares is definitely a horror flick and belongs here. 

October 24th

No movie tonight. Went to see Lita Ford open for Dokken. I'm all about the hair metal so this was a bucket list thing for me. Have no fear I'll be back tomorrow with a vengeance. 

October 25th

Movie 39: Halloween (1978) - Joe Bob Briggs showed this on the Halloween Hootenanny. I love this movie and watch it every year for my marathon. I mean it is called Halloween for crying out loud. First time I get to see it hosted so that is fun. Great movie and awesome time. 

October 26th

Movie 40: House on Haunted Hill (1959) - I always watch this one in October. William Castle cheesy goodness and Vincent Price make this an amazing way to spend a couple hours. I still dig the scene where Price gets nasty with is scheming wife. Good way to kick off my Saturday. 

Movie 41: Zombieland Double Tap (2019) - I went to check this out in the theater. I enjoyed the first movie but was wondering if they waited too long for the sequel. The movie wasn't too bad. The jokes still connect and the zombies look decent. A bit too much CGI gore but what can you do? 

Movie 42: Overlord (2018) - This was one of my favorite movies of last year. I knew that it was going to be added to my annual marathon from the first time I watched it. A crazy combination of war movie, zombie movie, and mad scientist movie. I love this flick. 

October 27th

Movie 43: Train to Busan (2016) - This is one of the best zombie movies of the last twenty years and has made it's way onto my annual list of Halloween movies. It was unintentional but the last three on the list have been zombie movies. Probably won't be the last.

October 28th

Movie 44: Tales from the Crypt Demon Knight (1995) - This is a great horror movie directed by Ernest Dickerson and starring some amazing actors. The highlight of this one is Billy Zane chewing up scenery, William Sadler getting a rare leading role, and the great Dick Miller in one of his best roles.

Movie 45: The Evil Dead (1981) - The word classic gets thrown out way too easily and often. This is an actual classic of the genre that most of us found on VHS back in the day. I love this movie and honestly it can't be Halloween without at least one viewing. So it was time.

October 29th

Movie 46: Slither (2006) - This is another more recent favorite of mine. Great cast and a great take on the alien invasion genre. It has some very funny moments and delivers some gross body horror. It has been too long since I last checked it out.

Movie 47: Squirm (1976) -  Killer earthworms... Hell yeah! I've loved this movie since the first time that I watched it on the late night movie show as a kid. Total seventies cheese that is a blast to watch. They really don't make them like this anymore.

October 30th

Movie 48: Night of the Living Dead (1968) - This is the portion of the marathon where I get to the really good stuff. The classics that I have to watch. The original Night of the Living Dead is a genuine classic and launched George Romero's career as well as establishing the modern zombie.

October 31st

Movie 49: Dawn of the Dead (1978) - This is my favorite movie. Not just my favorite horror or zombie movie. I've watched this movie every Halloween since I bought my first copy on VHS years ago. Gore, music, characters... this is a perfect movie.

Movie 50: Day of the Dead (1985) - Well I had to finish the original Romero trilogy. I always watch these three during October. Day has the best effects work of the three, but I still think Dawn has better characters and story. Though all three are excellent.

Movie 51: Return of the Living Dead (1985) - '85 was an amazing year for zombie movies! Great cast, characters, story, jokes, and zombie designs. What else can you ask for? This is a great movie and a ton of fun.

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