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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Demons (1985)

I’m honestly surprised that it has taken me this long to get to the Lamberto Bava “classic” Demons. This was one of my go to movies in the Video Store years and while I’ve gone from loving it to not liking it back to loving it the movie has regularly found its way into my VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray player over the years.

Cheryl gets free passes to a movie theater from a creepy mask wearing weirdo and not only decides to go but convinces her friend Kathy to go with her. They skip school and head off to watch a movie arriving at an old theater and meeting up with the other characters. A couple of guys, George and Ken, notice them right away and make their move. Lucky for the boys the it is a horror movie which leads to some hand holding and arm grabbing. In the movie they are watching some stupid kids break into Nostradamus crypt and accidentally unleash a horde of Demons on the world. Well life imitates are because the fellow movie going patrons start to “demon out” and attacking everyone. The rest of the movie turns into a survival flick as they try to barricade themselves and stay safe. We also get a random gang of toughs who get into the theater and let out a Demon. This is important later. A lot of people die and when those left escape they find the world in chaos. Remember the demon that got out? I guess he made some friends.

This plot is basic and makes no sense at times. Some people get scratched and turn into Demons while others don’t. Pay close attention to the movie and you will see what I’m talking about. The rules aren’t clear and while that normally would bother me it doesn’t with this movie. I’ve come to understand the logic to Demons which turns out is really simple. If it is cool toss it in and the plot be damned. Want an excuse to listen to popular music and show some drug use then let’s toss in a random gang. Need a way for the survivors to get around the theater quickly hey look kids there is a dirt bike on display in the lobby! Those same people need a cool way to dispatch the demons? Um how about there is a katana next to the bike! How do we get them out of the theater where the entrances are magically bricked up? Helicopter crashes thru the root with a grappling hook. It makes zero sense but is cool as hell.

The makeup work is great
The makeup effects in this movie are great. We get a ton of kills on screen and there is a large amount of latex and fake blood on display. Throats get slashed, a couple making out are choked to death, eyes are gouged out, spikes driven thru heads, and best of all a woman gets scalped. Those are just the kills. We also get to see fingers getting ripped and chewed off. There is even a “birth” scene where a demon crawls out of a person’s back. The demons are awesome looking as well. Each of them is based on the actor being made up and has a unique look to it. Much like zombie movies I don’t like the assembly line look where they are all generic. Don’t have that issue here as each bit of makeup is beautifully done.

Great effects work, cool creatures, fun action sequences all make for a good movie as long as you can turn your brain off and roll with the lack of logic. Personally, there is so much cool shit going on that it is easy to do. I highly recommend Demons.

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