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Monday, January 13, 2020

The Perfection (2019)

This Netflix movie was getting a lot of hype. It was supposed to be brutal and super gross, so I figured what the hell I’ll take a look. I honestly wasn’t expecting much as most movies like this don’t live up to the buzz that gets generated by “normies” who don’t have any idea what a real horror movie looks like.

This one is all about a Cello school and the creepy dude that runs it. His name is Anton, played brilliantly by Steven Weber, and while they have many students, he has a special few that get recruited from around the world. It is here where we jump into the story with his current protégé Lizzie meets and becomes intimately involved with a former student, Charlotte, who had left the school to take care of her sick mother. After a night of passion Lizzie invites her to go sightseeing before returning home to Boston. Well some stuff happens that ends up with Lizzie chopping off her own hand. I don’t want to give any spoilers away but what I can say is that Lizzie ends up really mad at Charlotte! But just when you think you know what the story is going to be about there is another twist and then yet another. Basically, this movie keeps you confused as to what is going on until the very end. And now that I think of it the ending doesn’t make a lot of sense either.

Okay that last bit probably makes it sound like I didn’t enjoy the movie and that isn’t the case. There is a lot to like here including the plot and how it keeps tossing curve balls at the audience. At one point you might think that it is a hemorrhagic fever body horror flick. Then there is a bit with some old school rape revenge. Hell, this might be a back to basics psychological story where Charlotte wants back in and needs to get rid of Lizzie. At different points of the movie all of these seem valid, but of course only one is the real deal. This is one of those movies that kept me interested and guessing until the credits rolled.

Bug vomit is a thing... I guess
Where the movie fails, at least for me, is when we get to the gore. Again, there was a lot of talk and hype about how disturbing this movie is. If you check out the trailer and/or screenshots you will see lots of stuff with bugs and limbs getting lopped off. Between that and based on all the buzz I was expecting a really gross flick and we don’t get that at all. Sure, people lose hands, arms, and legs… all of it offscreen! I never say this, but I would have been happier with at least some CGI mayhem. The Perfection keeps teasing you with what is coming only to pull back before we get to the bloody stuff. I guess if vomiting maggots is your idea of “ERMERGERD SO GROSS!” then you will like the movie. But as a gore hound I was disappointed.

Basically, this is a really interesting flick that could have been awesome if it had made more of an effort to be gory. I feel like they missed a golden opportunity with The Perfection. I do recommend checking it out but manage your expectations and don’t get too excited by the hype.

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