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Monday, April 13, 2020

Wolfcop (2014)

I’m going to do something a bit different with this review. Normally I let you know at the end if the movie is getting my recommendation or not. Most of the time you likely know which way I’m leaning before that, but it still isn’t “official” until the last paragraph. Hear me now… GO WATCH WOLFCOP! This movie is awesome, and I love it. If you need convincing, then feel free to continue reading.

Woodhaven is a small town best known for its world-famous drink and shoot! Basically, they invite a bunch of hunters to get wasted and head out into the woods with loaded firearms. Folks really seem to like it and they get angry when it is cancelled. Though the authorities sort of had to do it when a body is found in the woods. Lucky for everyone that local cop Lou Garou is on the job. Well actually he is a drunk that accidentally stumbled onto the weird ritual murder and only kind of remembers what he saw. The important thing to know is that he is now a werewolf and a cop. WOLFCOP!

Be warned spoilers are coming. Really if you haven’t seen the movie go watch it now! Well I warned you… Woodhaven is infested with shapeshifters who need to kill a werewolf every thirty-two years to keep themselves alive and in power. Something about the blood does it. They pick Lou to curse because he certainly isn’t going to give them any problems since he is an incompetent drunk. Of course, being the natural born hero that he is they thought wrong!

Horror comedies are hard to pull off. Sometimes you are really funny but lack the gore to scratch that itch. Other times the horror works but the comedy doesn’t. Here we get the perfect formula with lots of laughs and plenty of blood in the perfect ratio. Lou Garou is played up as the village idiot, which is why he is chosen to become the werewolf. This allows some early slapstick stuff as Lou stumbles his way thru becoming the creature. He goes from drunken shenanigans to supernaturally powerful drunken shenanigans. This is all with the help of the local gun shop owner and conspiracy nut, Willy. Lou stops a robbery, gets some liquor doughnuts, and customizes his car in a great montage scene. There is never a dull moment as the story and jokes come at you quick. This is what happens when you have a great script before turning the camera on.

Trust the liquor!
Wolfcop is also a very bloody movie. I know when we got our first transformation scene that the filmmakers hadn’t skimped on the gore. The first time Lou “wolfs out” he is in the men’s room. How does one put this politely? He inner wolf busts out of his wang! Then some dudes come in to capture him (they are late and are working for the bad guys) which leads to some flesh ripping limb tossing goodness. More mayhem ensues as Lou works his way thru the minions of the shapeshifters before the big finale. Which I’d like to add involves an alcohol power up.

This movie has everything that a fan would want from a horror comedy. It is funny and gross. You get cool one-liners and a face ripped off. What isn’t to love? I keep saying it but will do so yet again. GO WATCH WOLFCOP! I highly recommend it.

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