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Monday, February 12, 2018

Satan’s Triangle (1975)

I’ve always associated movies with memories. Maybe the first time I saw it, who I was with, and sometimes it is just a single scene that sticks with me. Satan’s triangle is a prime example of the latter. All I remembered for years was a scene featuring Doug McClure treading water in the ocean with a creepy smile on his face. For years I was looking for this movie with little success. When I started the made for T.V. marathon I knew I had to try again. Sure enough five minutes later the first hit on Google took me to a copy on YouTube. The internet has made this too easy.

McClure plays a Coast Guard pilot, Haig, who likes the ladies. Seriously they establish right away that he loves to chase them. He is the co-pilot on the chopper so when they locate the sailboat sending a distress call it is his job to drop down for the rescue. He finds some bodies, including that of a priest, and a single survivor. A beautiful woman named Eva. They try to board the helicopter but the cable breaks, so Haig and the lady are stuck swimming back to the boat to wait for the Coast Guard ship to reach them. Over drinks they get more comfortable and Eva tells him what happened.

She was on an expedition with her “date” (she admits to being a working girl) who was fishing for Marlin. While at that they stumbled across a priest on the wreckage of an airplane. They save him, but the crew immediately leaves in a small boat. See they are in the Devil’s Triangle and are sure the holy man is going to be tested. Right away a storm blows up and everyone dies except Eva and the priest. Though he dies signaling the helicopter right before Haig arrives. She is convinced that the devil did it, but he takes her thru the deaths and explains the logical explanation for them all. Then he makes some moves and the impression given is that he is successful. Fast forward to the next morning when they are picked up and on the flight to shore things go sideways. Going to keep this spoiler free so that is where I’ll leave it.

Still creepy as hell.
Though if you really must know email me or watch the last ten minutes of the movie on YouTube. Sadly, this is a prime example of remembering something being much better than it actually is. The last scene is still quite effective, but the rest of the movie is terribly boring. All of the action takes place on the small sail boat which means they needed to have a great cast and even better story to sustain any interest. While I love McClure nothing about his various lost somewhere fighting dinosaurs or humanoids from the deep makes me think he is a great actor. Fun but not great. Kim Novak, who plays Eva, was also past her acting prime. The fact that they are saddled with a script that gives everything away too soon and ruins the big twist doesn’t help. Satan’s Triangle is boring and that makes me sad.

After almost thirty years I finally found my Doug McClure movie. I could probably wait another thirty before watching it again. Of all the made for T.V. movies I’ve watched for this current marathon this is likely the worst… at least so far. The link above will take you to the copy of the movie that I watched on YouTube.

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