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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Shameless self-promotion!

This blog is the home for my writing here on the internet. I have spent many years watching and reviewing books, movies, comics, magazines, and anything else that caught my interest. As you my faithful readers, both of you (am I being too optimistic?), know from my Throwback Thursdays I have a lot of stuff lying around from dead projects. These are either from my old website or others that I’ve written for. In the past I’ve also written for a few defunct print magazines/fanzines. I say this because while the Horror Dude Blog might be my home it isn’t the only place where my writing appears. Currently there are two magazines that I contribute to and I figured it was about time for me to mention them here.

First up is Grindhouse Purgatory. This is an interesting project from my pal 42nd Street Pete. If you haven’t figured out from his name not only is he an expert on all things Grindhouse/42nd Street/sleazy New York but he also lived it! This is reflected in his magazine as it covers all sorts of movies and filmmakers related to that very unique and special scene that was the Deuce in the seventies and early eighties. Over the years Pete has met many of the people that made the movies and because of these relationships has some amazing stories to tell, many of which end up in Grindhouse Purgatory. If that weren’t cool enough for you Pete also goes out of his way to cover wrestling, another personal favorite of his.

Beyond Pete the rest of the staff covers movies, interviews directors and actors, and generally brings something different every time. Purgatory comes out twice a year and is on issue number eleven. You can pick it up on Amazon by checking out this link.

The other project that I work on is called Midnight Magazine. This is a brand-new project from another good friend of mine, Eric Wright, and harkens back to the old fanzines. For those of you not old enough to remember a time before the internet the fan community used to make and distribute our own magazines. Basically get a few likeminded nerds together, write a bunch of fan fiction or reviews, find a photo copier, and then beg/cajole the local comic book or record store to put it on the free to take community rack. See how easy you have it now? Then again I’m writing this for my blog that took me five minutes to setup…

Eric has put more effort into Midnight Magazine than we used to. It has a much more polished look and a heavy cardstock cover. But the spirit of the old fanzine lives on the pages contained inside. From the cool artwork, to the stories of supernatural encounters, or short stories it all has an old school vibe and charm that makes me very happy to be involved. You also get reviews for horror/sci-fi books, movies, and comics that round things out nicely. I know you are thinking, ‘hey this guy writes for the magazine he is biased’, so don’t take my word for it. Check out this review for a third-party opinion. Midnight Magazine is still on its first issue and is basically distributed by Eric out of his basement. Check out the Facebook page here to contact him and buy a copy.

Let me make something very clear. I don’t make any money from either of these projects. So when I ask you to check them out and maybe buy a copy my motives are pure. I know how much work is put into projects like this and I also know how much fun it can be to kick back and read a real honest to God magazine.

© Copyright 2018 John Shatzer

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