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Friday, October 27, 2017

The Babysitter (2017)

This is a Netflix original that popped up in my recommendations the other day. Honestly, I sort of ignored it because for the most part new horror isn’t something that thrills me. But I kept hearing good things so I figured what the hell and gave it a chance. Holy crap this thing is fun!

Cole is probably too old for a babysitter. But when that babysitter is a super-hot girl that thinks you are cool and likes hanging out with you, exceptions can be made. His friends, specifically the girl next door named Melanie, convinces him to stay up late and see what happens after he goes to bed. They keep teasing him that she probably has a boyfriend over for an orgy or something. So, he stays up only to see Bee, the babysitter, and some friends playing spin the bottle. Things take a turn when she kills the nerdy guy she was making out with and they start to collect his blood for a ritual. Yep Bee and the other party guests are Satanists. To make matters worse they have been using Cole’s blood as part of the ritual.

The rest of the movie is Cole trying to get away from Bee’s friends as they end up killing themselves trying to get to him. When he eventually gets next door and Bee comes after him and Melanie he gets brave. Up until then Cole is portrayed as nervous and a bit cowardly, but that all changes when he finally decides to fight Bee. Not sure if he was made she betrayed him or if it was her coming after Melanie. But the ending is awesome!

I’m not sure where to start with The Babysitter because there is so much to like. The dialogue is clever and the establishing of Bee and Cole’s relationship is very well done. I get that she turns out to be a crazy killer that doesn’t value human life, but she does seem to actually like Cole. I mean they bond over Billy Jack! No kidding they have a bit in front of a projector where they reenact a scene from one of the movies. It is incredibly random and very cool to see. Samara Weaving, the actress playing Bee, conveys an actual affection for Cole and makes Bee kind of a sympathetic character. Again, until she starts killing the hell out of everyone! The dynamic between these two characters gives the movie its heart and it payed off at the end with another oddly sweet scene that harkens back to an earlier conversation between the characters.

This is why High School nerds have trust issues!
The kills are fun, but get a CGI assist. Throats get cut, people hung, another explodes, and knives get jammed thru a noggin’. To be clear most of this isn’t practical effects work, but for digital it doesn’t look bad. There is a rather impressive stunt for the big finale that was very cool. But I did feel bad about the sweet ride… Watch the movie you will understand. There is some humor in the movie as well. Not so much wisecracks as it is funny dialogue. One of the Satanists is a cheerleader who gets shot in the boob. She keeps complaining about it because you know her boobs are important. When she is fighting Cole, he does the “stick your thumb in the wound” move, but then realizes where he is grabbing. An awkward moment that calls for an apology I suppose…

If you have Netflix you have to check out The Babysitter. If you don’t sign up for it right now. Between this and Stranger Things your October will be made. I highly recommend The Babysitter.

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