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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Deathgasm (2015)

I continue to look for independent and foreign movies that you the loyal readers of the Horror Dude Blog haven’t heard of. I feel that both of you deserve my best efforts in finding the flicks that might have slipped past you! See what I did there? I’m a funny dude. Anyway, with that in mind I sat down to watch Deathgasm again, I’d actually seen it a couple of years ago when it first came out and remember enjoying it.

Brodie is sent to live with family in a small town after his mother goes to jail. This is a problem since the family is very religious and Brodie is a hardcore metal fan. They aren’t very fond of his devil music. Which is funny because after Brodie meets up with Zakk, another local metal head, they start a band that plays the very same music! Well I guess it isn’t that funny for some of the characters. We also have the asshole cousin that makes Brodie’s life miserable by beating him down over a girl. Things get interesting when the boys break into the house of a legendary rocker that is hiding in their little town. This leads to them finding and playing a piece of music that summons a really nasty demon!

It takes a while for the demon to show up. While they wait the boys end up running around town doing battle with the possessed who basically are killing everything in sight. Also, Brodie has to deal with Zakk’s betrayal in making the girl of his dreams (same one that unknowingly caused Brodie’s beat down) think he wasn’t into her. Oh yeah and there are cultists too that are after the honor of the demon inhabiting the body of their leader. Because you know that would be cool and all… Lots of mayhem occurs, funny lines are delivered, and limbs are severed.

I really dig this movie. The story is evenly paced with the horror and comedy mixing in perfectly. You get an earring being ripped out in once scene (serious cringe worthy) and the next a possessed teacher basically bleeds a couple gallons out of his pants in a moment of slapstick bodily fluid humor. That might not be everyone’s idea of funny, but it made me chuckle. There are also amusing bits about sex toys, Rick Astley, and mistaken identity! I mean Brodie probably thought his cousin was possessed before he blew him away! Deathgasm also has maybe the best line that I’ve ever heard in a movie. Brodie refers to his uncle’s religious beliefs as being “Balls Deep into Jesus”. That is more than a little funny.

The creature design was a highlight for me
The gore is plentiful and well thought out. A chainsaw is used so there is a good amount of blood spraying around on the screen. Heads and spinal columns are ripped out, cultists are skewered, heads get lopped off, and there is even a sander to the face! Hell, they drop a car engine on someone so clearly this one isn’t pulling any punches. The special effects work is well executed and is a mix of practical effects work with some CGI mixed in. The design of the demon at the end also is nicely done and all practical work. There are a couple of unfortunate moments of bad CGI including the dreaded blood splattering on the screen effect that annoys me. But for the most part this is solid work and doesn’t get in the way of enjoying the movie.

Deathgasm gets a recommendation from me. It is a blast that delivers the goods in both the blood and laughs departments. You can find this one on Netflix and if you don’t have that service it is available for purchase online. This was my second time watching the movie and it was just as much fun as the first viewing.

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