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Monday, April 2, 2018

Tremors V: Bloodlines (2015)

So here we are at the last Tremors movie in my franchise review, at least until we get the next installment this summer! The previous entry was a prequel to the original movie, but here we move back to the present and are again watching Burt Gummer deal with some Graboids. Don’t worry though, as with the previous entries they mix it up again.

Things kick off with Burt filming his survivalist reality show. This is apparently how he makes his money and cashes in on his battles with the Graboids. The latest show is interrupted by a new cameraman, Travis, showing up unexpectedly. Just as Burt is adjusting to this new person another shows up and asks for them to travel to South Africa. It seems they have a situation of the Graboid variety. Which also means they have a Shrieker and Ass Blaster issue! Burt and Travis catch a plane and head off to investigate.

The pair arrive and meet the locals. Burt is also dismayed to discover that his weapons have been stopped by customs. That means making due with what they give him, which isn’t enough of course. Things are also further complicated when he discovers that the African variety of Graboid has a different lifecycle and is a lot larger than what he is used to! Many people are killed, Burt is betrayed and goes a bit nuts, and a big secret that Travis has been keeping is revealed. And of course, the cast gets splattered with rubber guts. Not a Tremors movie without that.

As much as I enjoyed Tremors 4 I was happy to see Burt Gummer back in action. There isn’t anything better than seeing Michael Gross chewing up the scenery as my favorite survivalist monster hunter. He does a great job again with the character including being given a chance to have some fun playing crazy. There is a sequence where Burt is locked in a cage and has to deal with the heat. He has no shade you see, and there are a couple different pee jokes in there. Really it is very funny. Jamie Kennedy is also a nice addition as Travis. Trust me I’m as surprised to write that line as you are to read it. Kennedy is best taken in small doses… very small doses. Here he is funny, delivers some funny one-liners, and has some great chemistry with Gross. I’m very excited to see that he is back in Tremors 6, which is again something that I’m surprised to be writting.

Travis and Burt make a good team!
Every Tremors movie tweaks the creatures a bit to keep things fresh. Here they completely reinvent them using the justification that the African Graboids are different from the North American ones. I don’t need to go into the details other than to say that as a fan I was fine with this. Sadly, they changed the creatures enough that this is the first movie where the creatures are all CGI without some of the recycled props. That was disappointing to see. I like my rubber monsters in these movies and not having them hurt this entry. To be fair the CGI was decent, and I don’t have any complaints about how they look. I just have expectations with a Tremors movie and this one didn’t meet them.

One more thing that I did want to mention about the creatures. While I didn’t dig the CGI, it did have one interesting side effect. I love this series but will admit that I haven’t found the creatures scary since the first movie. They are kind of played more for laughs and are silly. That is until this movie. The creatures are scary and seem dangerous for the first time in many years. The new design is much meaner looking and I liked that. I’m recommending this one.

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