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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Featured Post - July is made for Television!

Since the launching of the site I've done a slasher marathon every June or July. I suppose it was inspired by the whole summer camp thing or maybe I just watch a lot of slashers this time of the year. Regardless I've done that for the last six summers. Sadly I'm running out of flicks to cover. I know that I've not covered them all but most of what I wish to sit thru have been done. I have a few Friday's and the Hatchet series to get to yet (and I will do so) but have decided to skip the slasher flicks this summer. 

What shall I do then? Well I have been on a bit of a kick with the made for television stuff lately so I figured I'd drop some reviews of these lesser known and in many cases fun little bits of genre goodness from the old boob tube. I hope you all dig it. 

If you are interested in my first one of these marathons you can find that list and links to those reviews here

Movie 1 - The Strange Possession of Mrs. Oliver. Karen Black and George Hamilton starring in a mystery that might also involve some ghostly possession and a bit of murder. Sign me up. Full review is here

Movie 2 - Pray for the Wildcats. What a cast in this one! William Shatner, Robert Reed (The Brady Bunch), and Marjorie Gortner all star! The villain is played by... Andy Griffith. Check out the review here

Movie 3 - The Dead Don't Die - This is a fun mashup of film noir and classic zombie movie. Ray Miland, and George Hamilton star in this creepy bit of made for television fun. The full review is here

Movie 4 - The Hound of the Baskervilles - I'm surprised that they didn't mine more Sherlock Holmes stories for the movie of the week format. Then again after watching this I can maybe see why not. The highlight of this is William Shatner in a supporting role. Check out the review here

Movie 5 - Sweet, Sweet Rachel - This was a fun movie. A bit uneven but it has a great cast with Stephanie Powers in the lead as Rachel. I also thought it was fun to see my favorite drive-in snake handler Chris Robinson from Stanley. Full review here

Movie 6 - A Taste of Evil - This is a fun thriller with some gothic vibes to it. A woman is tortured by the events of her childhood which are magnified when she returns home from years of treatment at hospitals in Europe. Her local doctor is played by the great Roddy McDowall! I dig this movie a lot. The review is posted here

Movie 7 - Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park - Okay it was bound to happen. How could I not talk about this oddity when doing a Made for Television marathon? At least I waited until the second one before covering this odd bit of rock-n-roll cross marketing. Check out my review here

Movie 8 - You'll Never See Me Again - This is probably the worst of the movies that I have watched so for for this marathon. They do try and do something interesting but it ends up being a boring and tedious melodrama. If you must have more details you can check out my review here

Movie 9 - She Waits - This movie had an excellent cast with Patty Duke and David McCallum in the lead roles. We even get a plot where a beautiful young wife is seemingly possessed by the ghost of her husbands previous lady. But sadly this is about as much fun as watching paint dry. You can check out more here

Movie 10 - The Devil and Miss Sarah - This was an odd mashup between Western and Horror... sort of. You aren't ever really sure if there is supernatural shenanigans going on or if the bad guy is the devil or if he is just an evil guy. If you want more then check out the full review here

Movie 11 - The UFO Incident - I've run into some real stinkers in this marathon. I had hope for this one that stars James Earl Jones and Estelle Parsons. Based on a "true story" of an "actual alien abduction" it basically is just boring and tedious. My full review is here

Movie 12 - The Immortal - I accidentally ended this marathon with a pretty decent flick. Christopher George stars as a man who while isn't technically immortal is likely going to live a very long and healthy life. Though the wealthy folks realize this and want to lock him up as their own personal fountain of youth. Full review is here

That is it for July. I hopefully will have at least one more slasher movie marathon in me so stay tuned for that next summer. I also will have many more made for television flicks to talk about soonish... maybe in a few months. There are a lot on my to watch pile and I plan on getting to them. Hope you had as much fun with these as I did. 

- John

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