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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Killer Party (2014)

If you have read many of my reviews you know that I’m always looking for something new and different to watch. This leads me to watching many bad movies, but one must keep the faith that the next cool one is right around the corner. Is Killer Party the reward for watching the bad movies? We shall see.

The plot here has some aspiring actors and their spouses getting together at an agent’s house for a baby shower. We get to see the inane conversations and gossip as a couple of ex’s bump into each other. There is also chatting about screenplays and that one of the characters has given up and is ready to go home after realizing he isn’t going to be a star. Normally this would be sort of boring exposition that the audience has to slog thru to get to the good stuff. But the filmmakers do something very clever and have things happening that the characters don’t notice but we do. You hear sirens off in the distance and one of the spouses is a doctor that gets called into work for an emergency. While they are leading their normal self-absorbed lives, they don’t see things falling apart around them.

They notice something is wrong when the cable goes out, then the cell phones stop working. Guests who had left the party return after being turned back at a police barricade. That is when everyone realizes that it has hit the fan. Bodies start to drop, and seemingly normal people become homicidal and attack each other. This includes a creepy clown that was hired to entertain the kids while the parents had the baby shower. Nothing worse than a clown that giggles and wants to murder you! Time passes, and it becomes necessary to raid the neighbor’s house for supplies, which itself leads to them being noticed by the infected. Who lives and dies? Honestly it doesn’t look good for anyone.

Killer Party is a decent movie. It is low budget, but the cast is solid and the story keeps things small. Most of the movie takes place in one house and backyard. I’m always complaining that low budget movies try to tell stories beyond their resources which ends up with a bad movie. That isn’t the case with Killer Party. With so few locations that means we get a lot of dialogue, but again the cast is pretty good so as a group they pull it off nicely. The action we do get is spaced evenly and helps to keep things interesting from start to finish.

Always check your surroundings for homicidal clowns!
The movie builds genuine scares and tension. When the first infected person is encountered they are in a daze but are able to communicate. That is until they suddenly snap in a fit of rage and violence. This also lets the audience know that anyone at any time could start acting weird and become homicidal. Sometimes you can see it coming and at other times they go from normal to bashing someone’s head in without warning! This keeps the audience on our toes, not sure what will happen next. Another thing I wanted to mention is the violence. The attacks are brutal as both the infected and those defending themselves literally have to beat the other to death. There aren’t guns here so we get golf clubs and baseball bats as the weapons of choice.

Killer Party was a lot nastier than I expected. Lots of violence, tension from not knowing who was going to go “bad” next, and a bleak ending make for an excellent horror film. I also like the fact that they never explain what the outbreak is and why only some are affected by it. This isn’t a fun movie, but it is damn effective. If you are in the mood for that sort of flick I recommend checking this one out.

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