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Sunday, October 7, 2018

A Zombie Invasion (2012)

Well I watched another low budget zombie movie. Is this one of them that I’ll regret spending my time on or did I find another gem in the rough? It was a bit of both I think…

The movie opens up with a feller in the country who gets abducted by aliens. Then things switch to a diner where the sheriff is about to go fishing with his buddy from the military. While they are fishing we meet more people who are “introduced” to some zombies who eat them! Zombies begat more zombies until the sheriff gets a call about all hell breaking loose and heads back to town. All while this is going on the people at the diner get trapped by the zombies. Well except for the waitresses who make a break for it. Did I mention that the truck runs out of gas? Eventually our characters discover that the zombies are being used by Aliens who are invading the Earth. The filmmakers worked a Plan 9 nod into the proceedings which is sort of cool I guess.

I thought for sure that I had made a terrible mistake. This had been sitting in my Amazon Prime queue for a while before I finally hit play. The movie starts off with a concession stand ad and then the old restricted rating system animation with the black cat. When the movie actually begins it has all these digitally created “defects” as if it was on old film that was scratched up and damaged. New movies have no business trying to pretend they are old drive-in flicks. It never works and comes off as a dumb and desperate move on the part of the filmmakers. I was ready to be miserable and then a funny thing happened, the movie got good.

About twenty minutes in I started to notice that the zombies looked decent. There seemed to be time taken in designing each individual undead and shows someone was taking their time and trying. This is also a “juicy” movie that doesn’t skimp out on the red stuff. And I’m not talking that crappy CGI blood effects but honest to God fake blood splattering all over the cast! There are a couple of decent bites that are again practical effects work with latex tearing on screen. Hell, other than the spaceships, which are awful CGI, most everything was done old school. I can appreciate that, especially when the movie is such a low budget affair.

After a slow start the plot picks up and we get plenty of action. Characters die, some in horrible ways, and more of the invasion plot is explained. Other than one absurd sequence where a guy goes from normal newlywed to feeding people to his zombie wife in like twenty minutes I found the movie to make some sense. Believe it or not you can make your zombie alien invasion movie so silly that it takes the audience out of the story you are telling, but here that doesn’t happen. By the end I was rooting for the characters, which makes how things resolve a giant kick in the butt!

A Zombie Invasion isn’t a classic. It is an example of why I never shut a movie off no matter how bad it is. Occasionally they start off slow and end up being fun. This is one of those flicks. I’d say give it a chance. There are much worse out there… trust me on that.

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