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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Dead and Deader (2006)

I thought I would mix things up with this zombie movie that has a different twist on the genre. The made for T.V. Dead and Deader stars Dean Cain and ended up being much different from what I thought it was going to be. Is that a good thing? Hell yeah it is!

Somewhere in Cambodia… That is where the movie starts off according to the text on the screen. Cain’s character, Quinn, is one of a four-man squad investigating why the army has lost contact with a humanitarian outreach facility. Wait the army has a humanitarian outreach in Cambodia? Well that seems a bit silly. They arrive to find everyone dead and also discover that whatever was going on at the facility wasn’t about helping people out. We don’t figure much out except that there are a lot of creepy scorpions in a tank and that a crazy scientist dude shows up and tosses a hand grenade. Okay now that sounds more like a military operation.

Quinn wakes up on an army base in California as the coroner is about to start his autopsy. Yep he is dead and is a zombie. Doubling over in pain he cuts one of the scorpions out of his arm. This is important because we find out later that if you don’t and they reach your heart you go full zombie and start eating everyone. Those that you bite get infected and turn into zombies as well, but without scorpions because that would just be silly. With the help of people that he finds along the way Quinn goes on a mission to track down the bodies of his fellow soldiers before they cause an epidemic. Our hero, the zombie, is trying to stop the zombie apocalypse. I did tell you this was different.

This is a low budget movie that was made for television. Both of those things play into neutering the potential a bit, but we still get a decent flick. Dean Cain is a charismatic actor and is able to carry the movie sometimes cracking jokes and other times being creepy as he starts to go full zombie. Luckily, he can chow down on raw meat to stop that from happening. The story is paced well and goes from one set piece to the other as the plot unfolds. The dialogue is clever and references Romero’s Dawn of the Dead in a respectful way as a couple of the characters debate the original and remake. We also get some subtle humor with the best example being some soldiers debating who the best James Bond. Watch the scene very closely or you will miss it. Finally, any movie that will drop the line, “His story has more holes than a Michael Bay film” immediately gets my recommendation.

Dean Cain is channeling his inner Don Johnson!
The zombies look good with each having their own unique look. The kills are a bit tame but considering this was a made for T.V. movie that isn’t surprising. They do try to mix things up with fingers getting bit off, a face on a hot plate, some meat grinder fun, and death by a ceiling fan. There is also a funny gag with a midget zombie crotch biting. This won’t satisfy the real gore hounds, but the general goofiness of Dead and Deader along with the likeable lead goes a long way towards making this a fun movie regardless.

While not a classic like many of the movies on this list I’ve always liked this one. I check it out every few years and have yet to regret doing so. If you are looking for something a little less scary and gory Dead and Deader is the zombie movie for you. I recommend checking it out.

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