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Friday, December 14, 2018

Jack Frost (1996)

The Christmas horror marathon keeps rolling along. So far, we have had killer Santa Claus’ and Krampus has made an appearance. In keeping with the festiveness of the season it was about time that we got around to a Killer Snowman! Time for some Jack Frost goodness here at the Horror Dude Blog.

A serial killer named Jack Frost is being transported to death row for his execution during a snowstorm. An accident happens with the transport vehicle and a chemical truck that frees Jack, but also douses him in a caustic chemical that melts him in front of everyone. Jack doesn’t die but instead is bonded with the snow becoming a killer snowman! The accident also happens near to the town where his homicidal rampage was stopped by a small-town sheriff who he threatened to kill. Not one to pass up a golden opportunity like that Jack heads off in to fulfill his threat killing as he goes. The rest of the movie has Jack murdering folks and dropping funny one-liners while the sheriff and some FBI guys try to stop the homicidal rampage. How do you stop a killer snowman? Well I suppose hair dryers and anti-freeze are good places to start.

This is a wacky movie that isn’t intended to be taken seriously. Then again who watches a wisecracking killer snowman flick expecting anything other than silliness? The plot is solid and sets the plot up quickly, though my only complaint with Jack Frost is that it takes about half an hour to get the best stuff rolling. Once the killings and wisecracks start the movie picks up a lot of steam. The dialogue is snappy and at times very funny. The majority of the one-liners and funny bits come from Jack Frost but pay close attention because a lot of the other characters have zingers that are amusing. This is a script that takes the time to spread out the funny bits to all the characters which adds to the fun. We even get sight gags like the horny teenagers having to shed layer after layer of clothes for their sexy time! It is winter you know and Baby it’s Cold Outside. Am I allowed to say that anymore?   

Shannon vs the Snowman!
The design of the snowman is simple but looks decent on screen. The various damage done to Jack as they figure out how to finally stop him is reflected well on the different suits that they use. This is all on set and practical work. The kills are tame and most of the good stuff happens off screen. There is a head getting lopped off and another guy getting “axed” for a smoke, but don’t expect much. This one is more comedy than it is gore. If you like that sort of thing then you are going to love Jack Frost.

Before I finish up, I want to leave you with one thought or really a question. During the infamous bath tub/shower scene with a young Shannon Elizabeth (don’t be too excited nothing is shown) where she is attacked by the killer snowman where is the carrot? It isn’t on his face… Yeah think about that and go watch the scene again. I revisit Jack Frost every December as a way to get in the Christmas spirit and I recommend you do the same.

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