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Monday, November 19, 2018

The Night of the Wererooster (2015)

This popped up on my Amazon Prime account and I had to check it out. A movie about a wererooster? To someone with my cinematic bad taste that instantly became a must see! After watching the trailer, I expected a cheap independent movie with hopefully a few laughs.

The movie opens with a dude using an unsuspecting girl to lure something out in the woods. She disappears, and he is chased by an unseen critter. One that eventually kills him. Then we get to meet the main cast all of whom have family either missing or dead in the same woods. They all arrive after receiving mysterious letters from Charlotte, who claims to know what happened to their loved ones. Desperate for answers they follow her into the forest to investigate. Eventually she admits that they are looking for a wererooster, the most dangerous of supernatural beings! That is what she believes killed the missing folks and it is up to them to stop the beast and destroy it. This leads to a lot of walking around the woods, some suspicious behavior, and an eventual twist ending where we see there is a lot more going on than was apparent.

This is a movie that had some potential. The idea of the creature is silly and could have been a lot of fun. There is also the neat twist towards the end of the movie. Sadly, there aren’t many more positives things to say. For the most part The Night of the Wererooster is disappointing and just plain bad. Let me give some examples.

The movie is filled with padding. We get several flashbacks that serve little purpose except to maybe try and pull off a stupid joke. I don’t need to know about the history of the characters, especially those that are just killed off quickly anyway. We even get a flashback so we can see how much that Stan loves his sister. Why? I guess so we realize something later, though this totally flew by me until they pointed it out. There are a couple more flashbacks that are as equally useless and stretch the runtime of the movie out. Did I mention yet that the movie is over ninety minutes long? They really didn’t need the extra fifteen or twenty minutes. What The Night of the Wererooster needed was an editor.

If you have ever read any of my reviews you know that I have a very big rule about a monster movie aka. Creature feature. You need to have a good creature to make a movie like this work. Though I’ll take the budget into account and accept a cheesy attempt to bring a monster to the screen. Imagine my surprise when I got to the end of the movie and realized that we never get to see the creature! You name your movie The Night of the Wererooster and never give me a wererooster? What the hell guys? Would it have killed them to slap a stupid rubber chicken mask on a guy in overalls or something? It would have been better than nothing. This was very disappointing.

There are some other issues with the actors (terrible), the dialogue (mostly terrible), and a stereotypical character that plays very poorly on screen and isn’t funny. But I don’t feel the need to go into any more detail then I have already. Skip this one it is awful.

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  1. Hey John, thanks for giving our movie a shot. I appreciate your view and the time you took to write an opinion. Your criticism of the lack of a visible monster is the biggest one we have. Given our budget, we thought people's imaginations would be better than any one we could pull off. Hopefully, our next one will be more down your ally.