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Monday, June 21, 2021

Support Independent Magazines

I know that I have mentioned some of the magazines that I write for in various tweets and posts here at Crappy Movie Reviews before but I wanted to do so again. I grew up reading mimeographed fan magazines that I picked up in various record and comic stores. That moved into photocopied magazines which itself with the advent of publishing software and home computers became the beautiful creations we can put our hands on today. I get that the internet is an easy source and free, but there is nothing quite like having an actual magazine in your hands. 

Before the accusations start please let me say that I don't get paid and that no one is making their living at publishing these, much less getting rich. All of the magazines that I write for are labors of love, which is why I participate. Whether it is my old friend 42nd Street Pete's Grindhouse Purgatory, Eric and Angie's Midnight Magazine, or Edwin's Gravely Unusual all of these creative people are putting things in print for the love of creating something. I think that is pretty cool. 

If you could possibly take a look at the links below and purchase yourself a copy of one of these publications I would be eternally grateful. And it isn't like I'm asking you to kickstart something with the promise of maybe getting your money's worth. When you support these with your hard earned cash you are guaranteed to get a product in your hands. One that is already done and just waiting on you. Thanks for reading this. 

- John Shatzer aka. The Crappy Movie Reviewer

Gravely Unusual can be picked up at the below link. 


Midnight Magazine is available at the below link


Grindhouse Purgatory can be picked up at Amazon or better yet if you would like to get in touch with 42nd Street Pete directly and cut out the middle man just email him at Grindhousepurgatory@gmail.com

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