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Thursday, October 1, 2020

The Shitty Shark Show

Welcome to the Shitty Shark Show, the only podcast that I know of that focuses exclusively on shark movies. Your co-hosts are John, Maddie, Keith, and Monster aka. Donovan. Each episode we will do a deep dive on the cinematic misadventures of everyone's favorite apex predator the shark! Sometimes they are mutants, sometimes they have many heads, sometimes in the sand, and other times in the snow. It doesn't matter to us! 

It was Maddie's pick for the next show and she decided it was time to watch Sharks of the Corn. Will we see a shark named Malachai terrorizing Linda Hamilton? Probably not... but this could still be fun. See you in a couple of weeks with another exciting episode! And as always hit us up on Facebook if you want the crew to answer any shark or not shark related questions. 

Episode 1: Post Apocalyptic Commando Shark (2018)

In this first episode the Shitty Shark crew checks out this independent movie from director Sam Qualiana. Ever wonder what would happen if there was a nuclear war and afterwards the Soviet Union invaded the United States with genetically mutated shark soldiers? Well then I have the movie for you. If that wasn't enough for you Monster also sat down with Qualiana for an interview. Toss in some shark trivia and small talk for what I hope you think is a fun time. 

This time around the Shitty Shark Show crew travels to a magical time of wood paneled bars and live swimming shows. Yes it is the '70s and we are checking out Mako Jaws of Death. This bit of regional drive-in fun stars Richard Jaeckel and was directed by William Grefe. So button up your bell bottoms and sit back for some old school shark action! As always we hit you up with some shark trivia and have fun. 

Since it is that spooky time of year the Shitty Shark Show crew decided to check out this haunting feature... get it? Ghost Shark tells the tale of some rednecks who blow up the wrong shark or at least try to blow it up. Since the shark is able to swim to a nearby magical cave that lets its ghost come back to mess with things. Yeah it gets complicated. 

This time the crew checks out a movie that is likely to describe a lot of flicks that we have watched and will watch in the future for this show. Yeah we are taking a look at Bad CGI Sharks. Though this isn't at all the kind of movie that most fans would expect with that title. We can't wait to talk about it on the show. As an added bonus Maddie conducted an excellent interview with the guys responsible for the movie Jason and Matthew Ellsworth and Matteo Molinari. 

On this 5th installment of the show we check out Bait aka. Jaws in a grocery store! I know that sounds cheesy but this turned out to be a really great movie. As always we also toss in some Shark Bites like trivia and funny shark stories. Heck we even spitball the plot to our own epic... Ghost Gator Shark! 

On episode 6 we take a break from our normal mayhem to review a Christmas movie... with a Goddamn shark! Yeah we are going to cover Santa Jaws on this most festive time of the year. So crush up the Christmas cookies and bust out the Egg Nog because we are about to chum these festive waters!

Episode 7 has us taking a look at the classic shark movie that adds an entirely new dimension to the shark subgenre. Yes I'm talking about Jaws III in 3D! See what I did there with the new dimension? Heh I made a funny... This may be the greatest throwdown between a great white shark and Louis Gosset Jr. So tune in and hear our thoughts on this classic. 

Episode 8 has us spending the first show of 2021 looking at the newer shark flick, The Reef. Okay it isn't that new being 11 years old, but I've never seen it so it is new to me. Plus it is Australian and they seem to have a magic formula for making bad ass genre movies. So tune in and see what the crew has to say about The Reef on the next episode of the Shitty Shark Show. 

Episode 9 has us finally getting around to some proper Italian Jawsploitation. Yes we are going to check out Cruel Jaws aka. Jaws 5. This gem, directed by Bruno Mattei, has to be seen to be believed. But is it good? You will just have to listen to the show to find out what we think. Head on over to our Facebook page linked below to ask us any questions.

Our 10th episode has us checking out something a bit different. First up is I'm fairly certain it doesn't take place in the water. Second it has a shark man in it, so part man part shark. Of course I'm talking about the Sci-Fi channel jam Sharkman! This one stars Jeffrey Combs and William Forsythe so you know it has to be good!

It was John's pick and again he dove into the '70s for The Shark Hunter. This bit of Italian cinema doesn't have bootleg Hulk Hogan in it but does star Franco Nero and was directed by Enzo Castellari. More of a crime drama then shark movie it still does have the requisite munching of limbs by our fine finned friends. It should be a good time. 

What do we have in store for you this time? What do you get when you have the less famous brother of an acting family searching for hidden treasure? Well it was Keith's turn to pick a movie and he decided to go for 2008's Sharks in Venice, so there is your answer. It stars Stephen Baldwin so you know it has to be good. 

It was Maddie's pick this time around and she chose to inflict Shark Attack 3: Megalodon on us. This "gem" from 2002 stars John Barrowman whom most of you probably know from either Doctor Who or Arrow. The movie is best known for his improvised line that was supposed to be a joke but stayed in the movie. I'll not ruin that here, so tune in next time and hear our thoughts on this shittiest of shark movies. 

It was Monster's turn and he decided to pick from a series I think we all knew was going to pop up sooner or later. Yes we are finally diving into the Sharknado series with Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! Ever wanted to see the Hoff do battle with sharks being tossed around in a tornado? Well then my friends this is the movie for you. This ought to be a fun show. 

Well this time around it was John's pick. Since the disappointment of not getting the proper time travel Sharknado starring Dolph Lundgren was still fresh in his mind after watching Sharknado 3 it seemed appropriate to pick Shark Lake from 2015. It stars Dolph and promises some sharky goodness. 

Keith is up next and has decided that we need to cover Sand Sharks. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water you can't even make it off the beach! Brooke Hogan is in it so yeah... we are probably in trouble. But that is what you have come to expect from us right? I mean we are the Shitty Shark Show!

It was Maddie's pick this time around and she decided we should watch Deep Blood from 1990. It looks like another fun bit of Italian filmmaking. Sadly no bootleg Hulk Hogan this time around. So check out what we think of this odd movie about a creepy old guy giving some kids a quiver with a bunch of carvings on it that may or may not be important later.

This time around it was Monster's pick and he decided to do something different and had us watch a documentary called Shark Water Extinction. So I guess there is zero chance of a bootleg Hulk Hogan sighting. But we do get some interesting and rather disturbing visuals of how sharks are harvested. Though some shenanigans are called with a few things in the movie. Check out the episode linked above for more info. 

Well it was John's turn to pick a shark movie and his love of Roger Corman led him to picking Sharktopus. Hey it is at least it is half shark! Plus we get to see Eric Roberts not totally phoning in his performance for maybe the last time. Toss in some Ralph Garmin and a fun Roger Corman cameo for a good time. 

We have been covering a lot of older movies or independent flicks here on the show. I suppose it was time to cover a big budget new release, so Great White it is! This movie has been getting a lot of negative buzz so tune in to hear what we think. Plus John picks a fight with the internet and we play a game show!

It was Keith's turn to pick a movie and he decided we should watch Dam Sharks. Hey it couldn't be worse than Shark in Venice... could it? I mean how bad could the damn movie about these damn sharks building a dam be? 

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