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Monday, August 9, 2021

Featured Post - The Giallo Marathon

Yep I'm back with another marathon. This is a first for me here at Crappy Movie Reviews as I've never spent much time on Gialli. These European made murder mysteries, mostly from Spain and Italy, are a favorite of mine. I've been watching them for the last fifteen or twenty years but still have many I've not seen yet. So I suppose it was time for me to begin talking about them here. Not only because I love the genre but also because it gives me an excuse to check out a bunch I've not seen before. 

Speaking of movies I've not seen if you have some Gialli to suggest to me drop me an email at gutmunchers@gmail.com and I'd be happy to cover them. 


1. Eyeball (1975) 

Why not start the marathon off with some Umberto Lenzi goodness? I know that many of his movies are hard to wrap your mind around aka. they can be tedious. But Eyeball is a well paced and fun way to dip your toes into the genre. This is also one of the easiest to find as it is on a lot of those public domain sets as well as regularly popping up on YouTube. 

I've not covered much Dario Argento here on the site. That is odd since he is legitimately one of my favorite filmmakers. So I thought this Giallo marathon was a good place to start correcting that. His famous Animal Trilogy is going to show up a couple of times at least in this marathon. 

If I'm going to cover Argento I have to sneak some Mario Bava into the mix as well. This one doesn't follow the traditional formula of murder mystery and suffers from some pacing issues, but I like it. Though be warned this isn't for the "newbie" to the genre as it plays with expectations. 

This is a fun movie that lacks some of the gore but leans heavily into the sleaze and mystery. This is a fantastic murder story with lots of twists and turns, tons of suspects, and an ending that I rather enjoyed. If you are looking for a movie to keep you guessing until the finale this is the one for you!

This is another entertaining little mystery with a family curse coming into play as ladies start to be murdered by a mysterious lady in red. This connects back to a fashion house and the politics that surrounds it's control. Plus it is run by the cursed family. Lots of suspects and murders make for a fun flick. 

Wow I haven't covered an Edwige Fenech movie for the site yet. That sort of shocks me as I'm a big fan. Though it makes sense she appears on this list since she did many awesome Gialli. This one is particularly fun featuring some great kills and an even better mystery. 

Time for another Argento flick as I cover another of the animal trilogy. This one stars Karl Malden as a blind man named Cookie that gets caught up in a series of murders connected to the medical research facility across the street from his apartment. This is another great Giallo from Argento. 

This is a weird one. Honestly the plot is confusing at times but I do really like this movie. If you are looking for something a bit different maybe this is the flick for you. Click on the title above to see my full review. 

Time to cover one of the classics of the Giallo subgenre. Torso has it all. Lovely ladies, sleaze, kills, mystery, and a satisfying ending that is a blast. This is one of the best and a flick that I regularly revisit. If you only watch one movie from my marathon this should be it. 

I went from one of the best to one of the most confusing and disappointing that I've watched. This movie has some potential with a spooky setting with an empty hotel, interesting characters, and a decent who done it. But the reveal at the end is disappointing and filled with some twists that don't make a like of sense. 

How is this for a title? These Gialli have some of the best eye catching posters of any movie from the '70s and early '80s. Here it doesn't so much follow thru with the promise (A murder in the park and a naked girl but not a murdered naked girl!) but is still a good flick. 

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