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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Featured Post - Slasher Movie Marathon 2022

Every summer I cover a bunch of slasher movies for the site. Check in here to see what I've covered so far this summer. You can also check out my previous marathons at the links below. The marathon will start in June. 

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2019 marathon

Movie 1 - Friday the 13th part VIII Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)

I figured I might as well start this year's slasher marathon off with a franchise that didn't age well. I might catch some heat for this but I really don't like this one. Neutered gore, Jason taken away from Camp Crystal Lake, and unlikeable characters. Just not fun. 

Movie 2 - Jason Goes to Hell (1993)

One more Friday movie before I start digging into the obscure stuff. Trust me I've got some weird ones for you this summer. I've honestly always hated Jason Goes to Hell as it really isn't a proper Friday the 13th movie. But this time I watched the copy included in the new Blu-ray set and that changed. I still don't love the movie but the restoration of some gore made me enjoy it. 

Movie 3 - Pizza Girl Massacre (2014)

A found footage slasher movie. Well I guess this was bound to happen. I just wish they had done a better job with Pizza Girl Massacre. Honestly it is pretty bad. Read the review linked above for more details. 

Movie 4 - Moonstalker (1989)

I wasn't sure what to make of this late entry into the genre. Normally when I haven't seen a slasher flick before, especially one from the eighties, that is a very bad thing. Spoilers I've seen most of the good ones. But for this marathon I decided to dig deep and the result is Moonstalker

Movie 5 - School Spirit (2019)

This is another newer take on the slasher genre, this time done for Hulu by Blumhouse. Teenagers are getting picked off at school by someone dressed as their pirate themed mascot. This one actually has a more traditional story that reminded me of the early days of the masked killer out for revenge days. 

Movie 6 - Slumber Party Massacre (2021)

This is an odd movie for someone to remake. Especially when they try to turn it into a comedy that also pushes a lot of woke ideas. Though that does make for a few very funny gags. The biggest issue is that it was made for SyFy channel so the stuff like nudity and gore that makes a slasher movie are missing. 

Movie 7 - Bloodmoon (1990)

I was interested in checking this one out. I had never seen it before and it was an Australian flick. They tend to make some decent horror down under. Though I was concerned that it was so late in that first wave of slasher flicks, but then sometimes these trends last a couple years longer then they do here in the U.S.

Movie 8 - Slaughterhouse (1987)

Buddy Bacon is one of my favorite slashers that only got one movie. The kills are decent and the actors are decent. While not an "A" list flick it is a solid "B". If you haven't checked it out you really should. It is a good time.

Movie 9 - Girl School Screamers (1985)

This is another example of someone buying up an unreleased horror flick and then repackaging it as a slasher. This time around it was Troma and to their credit they went back and punched up the gore with some inserts shot by Lloyd Kauffman himself!

Movie 10 - Famine (2011)

This is from the director of Gutterballs, which I covered last year during the marathon. This time around he has a bunch of kids on a lockdown to raise money to feed the hungry. Of course there is a killer and a motive for the killing. Decent gore but there are issues. Click the link above for more details. 

Movie 11 - Berserker (1987)

A Viking themed slasher movie. Yes please! This one is a bit disappointing but does have enough interesting twists and turns that I was glad to have spent the time watching. Not a perfect flick but one that if you are a fan of the genre you should watch at least once. 

Movie 12 - Rush Week (1989)

This movie starts off as a by the numbers killer on campus flick but then becomes more of a mystery as our main character shuffles thru suspects and motives before sorting out the who and why of the murder spree. As an added bonus this has a killer soundtrack... if you like new wave punk. 

Movie 13 - Evil Laugh (1986)

This is a one of those movies that had a VHS cover that I'm sure many of us remember. It is also one of those movies that promised a lot more fun then it delivered. Though it is the answer to the question that floated around my local mom and pop rental shop for many years. This is the movie with the microwave kill!

Movie 14 - Trapped Alive (1988)

Another slasher movie about a cannibal miner? Well that has my attention. Does it measure up to My Blood Valentine? Spoilers... no it doesn't. But it still might be worth checking out. Click above to read my full review. 

Movie 15 - Uncle Sam (1996)

The last movie of this summer's slasher marathon is Uncle Sam. Since it was just the 4th of July I figured it was about time to cover this for the site. Sure I thought I had done this a long time ago... but now I really did!

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