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Thursday, September 24, 2020

The Action Adventure Hour

Jason Payne, one of the guys that I worked with years ago on the Gutmunchers Podcast, and I were recently chatting about the old days. That conversation was prompted by me finding the old shows on a drive that I forgot I had. I let him know that I was planning on posting them here at Crappy Movie Reviews which got us to talking. The idea of doing another show together came up and soon The Action Adventure Hour was born.

What is this new show of ours all about? Jason and I are both huge fans of Action movies and thought that they are a bit underrepresented in the podcasting world. We plan on digging deep and covering all sorts of good stuff. Our focus will mostly be on movies that you might not have heard of, though don’t be surprised if we cover some of the classics too. You can expect Westerns, Kung Fu, Hidden Temples, Lost Treasures, and yes, some Blaxploitation. It wouldn’t be a show with Jason and I without some of the latter. 

Jason and I both hope you get a kick out of what we are doing. If you have any questions or suggestions fire them off to me at gutmunchers@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you or answer them on the show.

Episode 6 is our first show of 2021. We decided to kick the new year off right with some classic John Woo Hong Kong cinema. Of course we're talking some Gun Fu action with our look at Hard Boiled. Starring Chow Yun-Fat this is the first movie that served as the entry into the John Woo flicks. 

Episode 1: Firewalker (1986)

Jason and John kick off the new show by talking about this Chuck Norris action flick that also stars Melody Anderson, Louis Gossett Jr., and Sonny Landham! Lots of silliness and mayhem ensue as we talk about why we would suck at being bad guys and how the Aztecs and Incans were totally different cultures and not interchangeable. 

Episode 2: Men at Work (1990)

In this episode Jason and John cover the Emilio Estevez written and directed flick about garbage men and the shenanigans they get up to. Co-starring his real life brother Charlie Sheen and a scene stealing Keith David as their Vietnam Vet ride along this movie is a fun ride. We also make some connections between this movie and a popular T.V. show for us old guys. One might say with this second episode we are WINNING!. Heh... see what I did there?

Episode 3: Primal (2019)

It was time for Jason and John to check out a Nic Cage movie. This time around he is a big game hunter illegally transporting some exotic animals onboard a ship. One that is commandeered by the U.S. government to transport a dangerous fugitive. Things go sideways when the prisoner escapes and lets all of Cage's animals loose, including a dangerous big cat. Shenanigans ensue. Join us as we talk about this and shoot the breeze about a lot of other things. 

Episode 4: A History of Violence (2005)

Jason decided to class things up with some oscar worthy acting and direction when he chose A History of Violence. I pick a Nic Cage flick and he goes all artsy on me! A man trying to escape his past finds a new life and family only for it all to be shattered when some killers walk into his diner. All the work that he did burying his old life comes to an end when his face hits the news. Join us as we talk about the movie, censorship, and local beers. 

Episode 5: Final Score

After some technical difficulties scuttled our scheduled movie, Red Dawn, we had to pick a replacement. That movie is Final Score which is sort of a combination of Sudden Death and Die Hard. Starring Dave Bautista, Ray Stevenson, and Pierce Brosnan this was a surprisingly good movie. Listen to John and Jason talk about it as well as some James Bond trivia and other nonsense. 

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