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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Gutmunchers Podcast Archive

As you may or may not know many years ago I ran a website called Gutmunchers.com. As part of that site we had a monthly, which then became bi-monthly podcast. I had a rotating group of co-hosts before settling on my good friend Ed Demko as the regular co-host. We also had many different members of the website contribute to the show. As is the way of things life changed and I had to step away from the site. This left the shows that we recorded without a home. It just so happens that I was recently checking on some old hard drives and found all forty six episodes. I thought that it might be fun to include them here at Crappy Movie Reviews. I plan on dropping an episode maybe once a month so keep an eye out for them. I will also post on the Crappy Movie Reviews Facebook page when one drops. I hope you enjoy. 

Episode 1 January 2009: Fulci fun with reviews of City of the Living Dead and Zombie

In this first episode John and Ed talk about a couple of their favorite Fulci flicks and gloat over the impending Steelers Super Bowl victory over the Arizona Cardinals. Spoilers... we weren't wrong! We also spoil the next show and our cool first interview. Let me know if you guys dig this one and I'll keep posting them. 

Episode 2 February 2009: The William Girdler episode with a Carol Speed interview

For the second episode of the Gutmunchers podcast we talked about a couple great William Girdler directed classics Grizzly and Abby. Grizzly was a "Jawsploitation" flick and Abby was, shall we say, heavily influenced by The Exorcist. So much so somebody got sued! And if all of this isn't enough for you we also have an interview with Abby herself actress Carol Speed. 

Episode 3 March 2009: The Bill Rebane episode

This show featured our second interview when I got to sit down with regional filmmaker Bill Rebane of such movies as The Giant Spider Invasion and The Demons of Ludlow, both of which we also reviewed on the episode. Also good friend Steve Benningfield stopped by for the first time, Ed Demko made an appearance, and Jason moved to Japan. 

Episode 4 March 2009: The Slasher Movie episode

This time around we have a staff meeting with the contributors John Shatzer, Ed Demko, and Steve Benningfield to talk about our favorite slasher movies. All of the usual franchises are discussed as well as a few movies that you might have forgotten about or maybe never even heard of. 

Episode 5 April 2009: The Spring 2009 Cinema Wasteland report

Wasteland is a convention that I've been attending for many years. This show from April 2009 was our first attempt at a live event. Recorded from my hotel room during the weekend of the convention the usual suspects show up and some new faces make an appearance. So kick back and enjoy this blast from the past when we could actually gather and hang out in person. 

Episode 6 April 2009: 42nd Street Pete interview and movie reviews

Pete is one of my favorite people. He lived the Grindhouse and was there at the dawning of the home video market with VHS. He shares some great stories with us and it is a fun listen. Ed and I also cover Criminally Insane (aka. Crazy Fat Ethel) and Zombie Holocaust

Episode 7 May 2009: Kill Bill volume 1 and 2 

No interview on this episode. Instead we talk about Kill Bill volume 1 and 2. This was back when I still liked Tarantino... before I realized what a hack he is. Ed Demko stops by to talk video stores and Steve Benningfield pops in for another installment of Sensei Cinema. All in all it is a solid show. 

Episode 8 June 2009: Chuck Sellier interview and Movie Reviews

In this episode Ed and John talk to the late Chuck Sellier director of Silent Night Deadly Night as well as an integral part of the old Schick Sunn company that made those killer documentaries. The pair also review Fright Night and Killer Klowns from Outer Space. John also tells his Killer Klowns story about seeing it in the theater. 

Episode 9 June 2009: The Blue Underground retrospective

In this episode John and Ed take a look at all things awesome about what was at the time the absolute best genre company, Blue Underground. It is a real love fest as we covered all sorts of goodies from the early days of Genre DVDs. 

No interview this time around, but we do have some fun. We cover Cronenberg's The Fly and Dracula 2000. Yeah okay so we can't always cover gold. There are some other shenanigans as the crew gets their weird on. 

This time around John and Ed interview David Gregory about his work with Severin Films as well as his movie Plague Town. We also cover Last House on the Beach, Inglorious Bastards, and Bloody Moon

In this show the guys talk with independent filmmaker Jay Reel. After that they dive headfirst into reviewing the "Grindhouse" double feature of Death Proof and Planet Terror. Steve also stops by for another installment of Sensei Cinema. 

This show has John and Ed talking about the big three from their favorite filmmaker George Romero. Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Day of the Dead all get discussed. John also conducts an epic interview with filmmaker Uwe Boll. 

This time around the boys sit down to interview director J.R. Bookwalter about his career including making his classic independent zombie flick The Dead Next Door. They also review the Bill Lustig classic Uncle Sam

On this show from September 2009 John and Ed interview documentary director, actor, and producer Roy Frumkes. They also cover the Frumkes' produced flick Street Trash as well as his documentary Document of the Dead made about the classic Romero flick Dawn of the Dead

With the recent passing of Gary Kent I decided to jump ahead a few episodes to repost this installment. In addition to an epic interview with the man we also do a recap of the April 2010 Cinema Wasteland. 

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