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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Featured Post - Coming Soon!

How goes it everyone? As you may have noticed I've finished the two month long mystery movie marathon and have gone back to some general horror and sci-fi reviews. That doesn't mean that another mystery marathon isn't around the corner. I had such a good time that there is already a stack of movies that I want to cover. So it shall return. 

Some other exciting news. I'm going to start dropping more of the old Gutmunchers podcasts here at the site. I had been doing that last year, but things got away from me and I stopped. I'm going to get back to sharing those with you guys. We have some wonderful interviews with folks like H.G. Lewis, Ted V. Mikels, and others that haven't been available for almost ten years! The best way to know when they are available is to follow us on Twitter as I announce when they are available there. You can do that by clicking on the feed to the right of this post. You might have to scroll down a bit to see it. 

On the old Gutmunchers site we also had a web comic that followed a fictional version of myself and friends as we dealt with a zombie apocalypse. This also hasn't been available for more then ten years. It is my intention to start publishing those here at Crappy Movie Reviews. Again I'll be announcing that on Twitter when I start posting them, so make sure to follow us. 

Other things that are coming this year include my annual summer slasher movie marathon, some seasonal stuff... I really want to cover some of the Leprechaun movies this St. Patrick's Day and a lot more. I'm hoping to get back to reviewing some books as well. Not only that but the site celebrates it's fifth year of existence in April. There is a lot of fun stuff coming in 2022 that I'm jazzed about!

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