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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Featured Post - Slasher Marathon 2021

Since I started the website I've done a Slasher marathon every summer. This time I thought I'd start things off in the first week of June. Having covered almost a hundred of them already I'm starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel a bit. Though I've found some great ones down there in the muck. While you will see some familiar franchises (I still haven't gotten to all the Friday the 13th movies yet) I hope to bring you some new stuff as well. At least that is the plan. 

For previous years click on the links below. 

Slasher marathon 2020

If you have suggestions as to a movie you think I should cover drop me an email at gutmunchers@gmail.com and I'll add it to the list. Look for the reviews to start Wednesday June 2nd and last until I run out of movies to talk about.


Movie 1: Wrong Turn (2003)

Here we go. I thought I'd start off the marathon with a newer movie that I really like. While it isn't perfect Wrong Turn is a fun throwback to the crazy redneck hillbilly genre of the seventies. I know that some of you won't like it on the list here but it checks enough boxes for me to include it. 

I dove back into the eighties to check out Sweet Sixteen. This flick falls into that category of repackaged to make it look like a slasher. Though they might have also thought they were making a slasher movie. I don't really know because this one is sort of a mess. Still it is kind of a slasher so here it lands. 

I thought since I had such terrible luck with digging into the eighties that maybe I should try something newer that I've not seen before. Spoilers... that didn't end well either. I'm honestly not sure what the filmmakers were trying to accomplish with this one. Half horror and half comedy it fails to deliver either. 

This movie has been on my list to cover since I started doing these marathons back in 2017. To be honest I was never a fan of the flick but it had been years and there was a new cleaned up Blu-Ray released so it was time to revisit. I'm glad that I did.

Here is another movie that may or may not belong in my slasher movie marathon. You could make the case for Mother's Day being a rape revenge flick, but it doesn't fit nicely into that category either. We get enough stalking and killing, the setting in the woods, and some fun kills. This checks a lot of slasher movie boxes so I'm including it here. 

This is a movie that feels as if it was shoehorned into the slasher genre. It is a bit of a confusing mess with some supernatural elements, war crimes, escaped psychos, and other assorted genre tropes. I give them an "A" for effort but in the end it is sort of a mess that doesn't know what it wants to be. Click the above link for more. 

I've only recently been turned on to the work of director Ruben Galindo Jr. and I've been digging it. Grave Robbers is his take on a more traditional slasher story and it kicks much ass! I guess that is a big spoiler but I love this movie. Click on the link above to get more. 

I've been meaning to work this shot on video slasher movie into one of my marathons since I started the site. When it popped up on Joe Bob Briggs I felt like it was meant to be. So you know have my thoughts on a movie that many people hate and some people tolerate. Where do I fall on that spectrum? You will have to read the review to find out. 

I've been avoiding covering this movie for a couple of years now. I watched it when it first came out and while I enjoyed the creativity of the kills and the well executed gore I've never been a fan. This movie has a mean streak and is explicit to the point of trying too hard. Read my review for more details. 

Back to the eighties I go with this late entry into the slasher genre. It follows all of the expected tropes but still disappoints. This is also the first of two slasher movies that a grown up Lisa Loring, Wednesday Adams from the sixties television show, appeared in. This isn't a good movie. 

This is another "people go into the woods and get dead movie". While it does have some fun special effects work from John Carl Buechler, the kills are creative and the killer looks cool, the movie is drug down with a terrible plot and pacing. Check out my full review at the link above for more details. 

There have been a lot of the retro slashers that have come out in the last few years. Movies that want to either remind you of the eighties or flat out try and set themselves in that decade. Most fail, some spectacularly. Death Rink doesn't do either. Check out my review for more details. 

I like to end these marathons on a high note by covering an old favorite or diving into one of the franchises. The Final Chapter is both of these. A great movie with some stellar effects work from Tom Savini and the dance moves of Crispin Glover. This is a must see. 

That is it for the Slasher marathon for the summer of 2021. I hope you guys enjoyed it and watch next summer for another installment. I still have some Friday the 13th movies, the Hatchet franchise, good old Chrome Skull, as well as many others to get to yet. If you have any suggestions for movies you would like to see me cover send an email to gutmunchers@gmail.com and I'll add them to my list. 


© Copyright 2021 John Shatzer

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