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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

This franchise continues to go further off the rails with this entry, the sixth in the series. Set six years after the events of Halloween 5 it opens with a grown-up Jamie giving birth. She makes a break for it with Michael in pursuit. It seems that he or the accomplices working with him have plans for the child. Yeah, I said accomplices. If you remember the previous movie a mysterious figure in cowboy boots broke him out of jail. Both he and Jamie have been missing since then. Who are these people and why Michael? There is some attempt to tie the story into the having to kill all the members of one bloodline to save the “village”. This is called the curse of Thorn. Totally forgot to mention that Michael now has a signature that he leaves at his murders… Screw this movie.

There is another plot line with Paul Rudd starring as now adult Tommy that was being babysat by Laurie in the first flick. He lives across the street from another batch of Strodes that are now living in the old Myers place. Why move your family into the house of the killer that terrorized your relatives? Because the dad is a jerk. Seriously, that is the reason. Toss in some stupid twists with a now retired Loomis and the new doctor taking care of Michael to thoroughly confuse things as the cherry on the top of this dog crap mess of a movie.

Clearly, I’m not a fan of The Curse of Michael Myers. This is a prime example of a movie that has no idea of the story it is trying to tell. As you can see above there are many different storylines that never seem to fit together. This makes for an uneven narrative that jumps around so much that it leaves the audience confused. There are many questions left unanswered. Why if it is Michael’s mission to end the bloodline and save the village does he allow Jamie to live all of those years? And when he was in the room right after the baby was born why didn’t he just kill them then rather than wait for the escape to go looking?

Loomis' last ride. Sucks it had to be in this.
Okay so maybe then he didn’t want the baby to die and instead needed Jamie to have it. Must have been some big deal with the cult that was helping and protecting him. Maybe they are going to harness evil or some other nonsense like that. But then why does he seemingly at random decide to kill the shit out of all of them? He slaughters all the people that were helping him before they finished whatever they were working on. I guess he just wanted to kill the bloodline… oh wait he had many chances to do that and didn’t!

There are more unanswered questions that I could go on with, but it is pointless. This movie feels like they had a lot of unfinished ideas that they tossed together without caring if it made any sense. Of all the sequels I’ve covered so far, this one is the most frustrating yet. It isn’t just bad it is ineptly made. For a franchise that had such a pedigree over the first couple flicks that is completely unacceptable. Being a horror flick I normally talk about the kills and gore. Not going to bother with The Curse of Michael Myers. It could have the best kills ever, executed with the skills of Tom Savini at his peak (it has neither) and it wouldn’t save this movie from being garbage. Shame on the producers and filmmakers involved in this disaster.


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