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Monday, September 26, 2022

October 2022 marathon

Every year I do an October movie marathon where I watch all sorts of spooky shit. I revisit classics from my favorite directors like John Carpenter and George Romero while also trying to mix in some new stuff. I've been saving some newer flicks for this year's marathon so it should be a good time. I hope to watch at least one flick a day for the entire month. So keep checking back in to see how I've been spending my time. 

As I've already mentioned I do this every year so if you are interested click the links below for previous marathons. I think my all time record is 73 movies. Lets see if I can break that record this year. 

October 2017 marathon

October 2018 marathon (special zombie edition)

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October 2022 Marathon

October 1st 

Movie 1: House on Haunted Hill (1959) - No better way to start the marathon then with some Vincent Price. Check out my full review here

October 2nd

Movie 2: Curse of the Kraken (2020) - Every October I like to pick up at least one movie that pops up on the shelves at my local Walmart. Normally it isn't great but I keep hope alive by continuing the tradition. Click here for the full review if you dare!

Movie 3: Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015) - This has been on my list of movies that I watch every October since it first came out. I get that some folks don't dig humor in their zombie movies but I like it. Check out the full review here

Movie 4: The Mist (2007) - It has been a while since I checked out this recent monster movie masterpiece from Steven King and director Frank Darabont. I love the Lovecraftian monsters that menace the cast. I love this one. For more check out my full review

October 3rd

Movie 5: The Seed (2021) - This just popped up on Shudder so I thought I'd give it a watch. Supposed to be about a bunch of influencers headed out to an isolated house. I'm already rooting for the "evil". For the full review click here

Movie 6: The Last Man on Earth (1964) - Day three of the marathon and I needed more Vincent Price. This is an under appreciated adaptation of Matheson's I am Legend. Price has to carry the movie and he does so with ease. 

October 4th

Movie 7: The Thing from Another World (1951) - I need to watch this movie every October. This is one of the all time best creature features ever made. The isolated setting, great creature design, and wonderful cast make this a ton of fun to watch. Check out my full review here

Movie 8: The Legend of Hell House (1973) - This is one of the best haunted house movies ever made and it stars Roddy McDowall as a medium and survivor of a previous attempt to investigate the house. Written by Richard Matheson this is a great movie. You can read my full review here

October 5th

Movie 9: Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre (2015) - This was a new to me movie that I watched for the Shitty Shark Show. I guess that I had to include at least one shark movie in the marathon, so where we go. It also checks the Jim Wynorski box as well. 

Movie 10: Tremors (1990) - I have loved this movie since being lucky enough to have caught it during it's theatrical run. The cast is fantastic with my favorite being Michael Gross as Burt Gummer. Also this year it is a bit sad with the passing of Fred Ward. Check out my review at this link

October 6th

Movie 11: Deadstream (2022) - This one popped up on Shudder and I had to check it out. I'm not a huge fan of the influencer thing but I just had a decent experience with The Seed so why not take a chance on this one. It ended up being a lot of fun. 

Movie 12: Isn't it Shocking? (1973) - I thought I'd dig into a made for television horror/comedy starring Alan Alda and Ruth Gordon. I've never heard of this one before but I'm excited to check it out. This plays more like a mystery then it does horror, but there is a body count so I guess it fits. 

October 7th

Movie 13: The Fog (1980) - This John Carpenter flick is one of the coolest ghost stories ever! I love the cast, the setting of the small town, and the twisted story behind the spirits that come to visit. For my full review click here

Movie 14: Flesheater (1988) - I haven't watched this movie from Bill Hinzman (NotLD's cemetery zombie) in years. I know it is cheesy as hell but I'm hoping it is as much fun as I remember. This time of year I always like to dust one off like this and give it another viewing. 

Movie 15: The Cat and the Canary (1939) - I like to watch either this or The Ghost Breakers every October. And every year I feel the need to explain why I'm including a Bob Hope flick in my marathon. Guys this is spooky and fun. Check out my full review at this link

October 8th

Movie 16: The Raven (1963) - It was time for some Roger Corman in this marathon so I thought I'd do something a bit different and unexpected. The Raven has an amazing cast with Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Jack Nicholson, and Boris Karloff! Plus the script is from Richard Matheson. Check out the full review at the link here

Movie 17: The Deadly Mantis (1957) - This is one of my favorite monster movies and one of the best of the '50s giant bug flicks. It is a must watch every October. Check out the full review here

Movie 18: Hubie Halloween (2020) - I need some silly in my Halloween movie marathon and since this came out a couple of years ago nothing has quite scratched that itch like this one. The cameos are awesome as all of Adam Sandler's friends show up. Also R.I.P. Ray Liotta.

Movie 19: The Midnight Hour (1985) - This made for television flick has always been a personal favorite of mine. It was almost impossible to find for years but is now on YouTube. I recommend giving it a watch. The story is sweet and there are a lot of familiar faces in it. Check out my full review here

Movie 20: Goosebumps (2015) - If you are new to my marathon this one might surprise you. But I'm a big fan of family friendly stuff as well as gross out and brutal horror. This is an entertaining flick that I saw in the theater. I enjoyed it then and now. 

October 9th

Movie 21: Prince of Darkness (1987) - I needed more John Carpenter in the marathon. Prince of Darkness is one of those Carpenter movies that took a while to find it's audience, including me. It has grown on me over the years. So much so that I couldn't think of an October without watching it. Check out my full review here

October 10th

Movie 22: Old People (2022) - This German horror movie showed up on Netflix. It has an interesting hook where old folks start to get homicidal. Maybe if those damn kids would just turn the music down... heh. I reviewed it click here for my thoughts. 

Movie 23: Raven's Hollow (2022) - This is one of the movies that Shudder released on streaming for Halloween. It has something to do with Edgar Allen Poe being a West Point Cadet. Seems like a creepy fun idea. You can check out my review here

Movie 24: Ghostwatch (1992)- This is another tradition that I have enjoyed for several years. This was a BBC original about a live television event where people get to watch a reporter investigate a haunted house while a studio show talks to experts and takes calls from the public. 

Movie 25: Gargoyles (1972) - This is one of my favorite made for television movies and one of the creepiest. The creatures from this one scared the heck out of me as a kid. Such an amazing design on the budget. Check out my full review at this link

October 11th 

Movie 26: Day of the Dead (1985) - Romero was the best at zombies and I always check out his movies during October. I know that I'm doing them out of order, but this is the one I always start with. Check out my full review here if you want to know why I love this movie so much. 

October 12th 

Movie 27: The Crawling Eye (1958) - This is one of my favorite '50s alien movies. This one is British, which is important because you want to watch it under the title of The Trollenberg Terror. There were some things cut from the US release. Either one is killer! Check out my full review here

October 13th

Movie 28: The Blob (1988) - I haven't watched this one in years. Needed to check it out again as I remember really digging it. This is one of the better remakes that were made in the '80s. I reviewed it for the site with this viewing. Check it out at this link

Movie 29: Eight Legged Freaks (2002) - Damn this movie is twenty years old! I remember when this came out and I fell in love with it as this was a solid creature feature. It has a great cast including a very young Scarlet Johansson. Check out my full review here

Movie 30: The Crazies (1973) - I love this movie. This is my favorite non-zombie Romero movie. It feels like a bridge between Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead... at least stylistically. Check out my review here for more. 

October 14th

Movie 31: Piranha (1978) - Joe Dante knocked this Jaws inspired monster movie out of the park. Shot on a budget he relies on some old school tricks to bring them to the screen. Also the cast is full of "B" list all-stars. or my full review click here

October 15th

Movie 32: Amityville Island (2020) - A Mark Polonia flick... joy. I had to watch this for our podcast and since it is technically a horror movie I figured I'd include it in the list. I think I just saw all the stuff that happens in the movie flashing during the opening credits. Well this should be fun. 

Movie 33: The Curse of Bridge Hollow (2022) - This is the latest Netflix family friendly Halloween movie. I'm hoping they knocked it out of the park again. Could this be a new October tradition like Hubie Halloween? I hope so. 

October 16th

Movie 34: Fiend without a Face (1958) - I had to dip into another '50s gem with this one. One of ten better and for the time gruesome entries into the aliens invading genre. It has a classic reveal that most fans will recognize even if they have never seen the movie. Here is my full review. 

Movie 35: Blasted (2022) - This Norwegian sci-fi flick is a new one that popped up on Netflix. I always like including some new stuff in the marathon and this is a perfect include. At least I hope so. 

October 17th

Movie 36: Zombie (1979) - Zombie movies are my favorite kind of horror flick. Followed only by slasher flicks. While not Romero big three good Fulci's first foray into the genre is a legit classic. For more details you can read my full review here. But really how have you not already seen this?

Movie 37: Winterbeast (1992) - This showed up on Shudder so I thought I'd give it a chance. Not sure what I've gotten myself into but a minute or two in I have some latex practical effects and a stop motion monster. Check out my review here

October 18th

Movie 38: Evil Dead (1981) - What can I say about this one? A classic and a must watch every October. It might be a little earlier than usual but I needed some good stuff. Check out this link for the full review I wrote a couple of years ago. 

Movie 39: Dead Before Dawn (2012) - I remember liking this one when it first came out ten years ago. Damn it I can't believe that it was ten years ago. Decided to check it out and see if I still dig it. To find out if I did check out the review here

October 19th

Movie 40: The Return of the Living Dead (1985) - This is another flick that I need to watch every October. Great music, iconic zombies, fun cast, and lots of gore make for a great time. Check out my full review at this link

Movie 41: The Mad (2007) - It is time for my 2nd favorite Billy Zane movie. The Mad is a zombie comedy that is way better than it has any right to be. Check out my full review from a few years ago at this link

Movie 42: Maximum Overdrive (1986) - No one can convince me that any horror movie has ever had a better soundtrack then Maximum Overdrive. Maybe it isn't the greatest flick ever made... but I'll be damned if it isn't one of the most fun to watch. Can't have Halloween without some mechanical mayhem set to AC/DC.  I finally reviewed it here

October 20th

Movie 43: V/H/S/99 (2022) - This showed up on Shudder and I had to check it out. I liked the most recent of the series. Who doesn't like some oddball shot on video fake '90s stuff? If you want to read more about my thoughts on this one click here

Movie 44: Birth of the Living Dead (2013) - I like to mix a documentary into the marathon. This one is about the making of and what inspired Night of the Living Dead. It has some Romero interview footage that I've never seen. This makes me happy. 

October 21st

Movie 45: Elvira's Haunted Hills (2001) - Watched this on Joe Bob Brigg's The Last Drive-In. Been wanting to check this one for a while so since Joe Bob is playing it I'm in. Hoping for some goofy comedic horror silliness. 

October 22nd

Movie 46: The Food of the Gods (1976) - I have always liked this one and decided to toss it into the pile of stuff for this October. Bert I. Gordon directs a giant critter attack movie. Yeah I know... a real shocker. I finally got around to a proper review which you can read here

Movie 47: Return of the Living Dead II (1988) - I always check this out in October, normally as a double feature with the original. Since I've already watched it I figured I should check this one out. This is my second favorite zombie flick from director Ken Wiederhorn. Check out my full review here

Movie 48: The Stick (1988) - This is an interesting movie from South Africa about some racist soldiers destroying a village and killing everyone. They are then haunted by the ghosts of their victims. Don't ask me where I found this as it was sitting in my to watch pile. I think it has been there for a while. Here is my full review for this one. 

Movie 49: The Thing (1982) - This is another must watch for me this time of the year. I can't imagine I need to explain why but if you have any questions check out my review at this link

Movie 50: Tremors II: Aftershocks (1996) - The sequel to one of my favorite monster movies ever! This has even more Burt Gummer and stars Fred Ward. Nothing to complain about here. For more you can check out my review at this link

October 23rd

Movie 51: Zombie Island (2018) - This Chinese zombie movie was on TUBI so I figured why the hell not. Sometimes I question my movie life choices. It is supposed to be a horror comedy... but not scary or funny. It was free to watch and I'm thinking I spent too much. 

Movie 52: The Living Idol (1957) - This is a new one to me. I pride myself on having seen most of the output of the fifties when it comes to Horror and Sci-Fi but this one has escaped me. Time to make amends and see what is up. Wish me luck. Well here is my review. 

October 24th

Movie 53: Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight (1995) - This is another must watch fun horror flicks that is always on my radar this time of the year. Billy Zane chews some scenery and the always reliable William Sadler, Dick Miller, and CCH Pounder are great. Check out my full review here

Movie 54: Feast (2005) - I had a chance to catch this in the theater during it's limited theatrical release and loved it. Holy shit I just realized that Aunt Gladys from Eight Legged Freaks is in this! Check out my full review here for more. 

Movie 55: Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things (1972) - This quirky zombie movie from director Bob Clark is a must watch for me every October. I love this one for so many reasons. My full review is here if you are interested. 

October 25th

Movie 56: Terror Train (1980) - I don't think that I've watched a slasher for the marathon yet. Terror Train is a good place to start. Jamie Lee Curtis stars in this one and I think that this might be the last non-Halloween flick she did in the slasher sub genre. You can read my full review from a few years ago here

Movie 57: Night of the Living Dead (1968) - George Romero is my favorite filmmaker and this is where it all started. This was my first serious horror movie and it spawned my love for the genre. I'm the nerd I am today because of this one. You can check out the review I wrote a few years ago here. 

October 26th

Movie 58: Evil Dead II (1987) - I have to watch all three of Rami's classic Evil Dead flicks every October. I've got the first one in so it was time to check out this follow up that is also sort of a remake with more slapstick comedy bits. Check out my full review at this link

Movie 59: Army of Darkness (1992) - It seemed like a good idea to follow up Evil Dead II with this one. This franchise is unique in the further they go the goofier it gets. You can read my full review at this link

October 27th

Movie 60: Piranha 3D (2010) - It has been a while since I checked this one out. It was Kyle's pick for this weeks Bloodbaths and Boomsticks podcast. I remember digging it when it first came out and hope that my amusement continues. 

Movie 61: Night of the Demons (1988) - This Kevin Tenney flick is another of those movies that I always watch this time of the year. I've got a review from a few years ago that I'll link here but the short of it is that this movie is a blast!

Movie 62: Night of the Living Dead (1990) - This is legitimately one of the best remakes every made. They tweaked the classic story under the watchful eye of George Romero and then upped the gore. I really wish that Tom Savini had directed more movies. Check out my full review here

October 28th

Movie 63: Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) - I love this movie and have never understood why it didn't get a sequel. It is a blast, the creatures look great, the theme song is catchy... see what I mean? For more you can check out my review at this link

Movie 64: The Return of Dracula (1958) - I haven't watched this one in years. I've been meaning to check it out again and figured why not add it to my list for this October's marathon. I hope it is as fun as I remember. 

Movie 65: The House of Seven Corpses (1974) - This is a movie that I sort of like. It is flawed but has enough spooky stuff going for it that I dig it. Still I don't watch it every year, though this year I wanted to include it in the marathon. Here is my full review for more details about what I think of The House of Seven Corpses.  

Movie 66: Night of the Creeps (1986) - This Fred Dekker flick is another one that I like to catch this time of the year. Though it seems that this  and Monster Squad take turns each year. That said I may still need to watch Monster Squad. Check out this link for my full review. 

October 29th

Movie 67: Halloween Ends (2022) - I've been wanting to watch this and see how they finish it all off. I picked it for the Bloodbaths and Boomsticks podcast. 

Movie 68: Slither (2006) - I love this movie but realize I don't always take the time to watch it this time of year. Not only is it a funny movie but it is also a badass creature feature. For more you can check out the review I wrote a couple of years ago here

Movie 69: Tremors III: Back to Perfection(2001) - I needed more Burt Gummer in my marathon. I love these movies. I know that they get cheeper as they progress thru the sequels but fun is fun... Check out my full review here

October 30th

Movie 70: Shock Waves (1977) - Can't have too many zombie movies in the marathon. This one is another old favorite of mine. It has a wonderful cast and a compact well thought out story. Check out my full review for the movie at this link

October 31st

Movie 71: Planet Terror (2007) - I love this movie. I know that all the fake Grindhouse stuff isn't everyone's cup of tea and it hasn't aged well, but this is a bad ass zombie flick. Lots of blood and gore with some funny gags and one-liners. 

Movie 72: Halloween (1978) - This is the classic that inspired much of what became the horror genre. John Carpenter is a genius and this movie is a prime example of that. Beautifully shot and spooky as hell. If you need to hear more check out my full review

Movie 73: Halloween II (1981) - This is how you do a sequel folks. It picks up at end of the original and continues the night as Laurie gets taken to the hospital and the authorities try to find the now missing Michael Myers. Check out my review here

Movie 74: Friday the 13th (1980) - Well I have a new record beating the old one of 73 movies in October. I had some extra time before the big finale so I thought it was time for some Savini effects in this grandpappy of bloody slashers. You can check out my full review at this link

Movie 75: Dawn of the Dead (1978) - Time to wrap up this year's marathon with my favorite movie and hands down the best horror/zombie movie ever made. This is one that I always try and save for the last day of October. You can check out my full review from a few years ago here

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